A revolutionary journey to Industry 4.0

Voortman again spearheads technology with the Voortman Industry 4.0. Voortman leads the way with automation and connectivity to achieve the ultimate “Smart Factory”.

Make the first steps to connecting everything, in all the levels of the value chain. We are not talking about automation of a production line itself anymore, we are talking about automation of the whole factory. To help you secure your position as a leading enterprise, we like to share a preview of our next steps in automation.


To embrace Industry 4.0, Voortman is developing the foundations for the Smart Factory. Industry 4.0 will bring together information and communication technology for an evolution in the supply chain and production line that brings a much higher level of automation. This means machines and software Voortman provides use-optimization, self-configuration and intelligence to complete complex tasks in order to deliver superior cost efficiencies, high quality goods and services.

This cannot be realized in one day. Voortman would like help you with the first steps to achieving more automation in your production process. Known for our revolutionary state of high level automation we believe we can be your partner during this challenging but essential journey.



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Visit Voortman Corporation at NASCC at booth # 5046 at 22-24 March and learn more about the first steps to Industry 4.0. Register now!

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