The V631 is Voortman's new CNC beam drilling machine with three drilling heads and will be introduced at EuroBLECH. As the most complete drilling machine from Voortman, the V631 has excellent specifications for drilling, thread tapping, countersinking, marking, center point marking and hard stamping. Additionally, the V631 is specifically designed with milling in mind, introducing a new line of motors capable of high turn rates.

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The V631 is positioned next to the successful V630 and V613 drilling machines. By offering three distinctive machines, it is possible to offer a solution for various budgets and requirements. A completely modernized look and feel in terms of appearance and software makes it easier for users to operate the machine, a vital benefit in present-day manufacturing where skilled labor is scarce.

Another major point that has been improved is the autonomy of the drill itself and the entire Multi System Integration (MSI). With a higher autonomous uptime, the productivity of the workshop increases while the costs are decreasing. Voortman has always been the frontrunner in high output with a minimum amount of operators. At EuroBLECH and in future updates, we will show you in detail how we have achieved this increased level of autonomy. The V631 is available with both feeder rolls or a feeder truck - Voortman is the only company that can offer exactly the right system for the layout of the workshop and requirements for the type of parts to be produced.

Follow our news or visit us at EuroBLECH, booth #F66, to learn more on the features and specifications of the V631!

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