Visit Voortman at Steel Structures 2017 in Moscow, Russia

Voortman Steel Machinery and SigmaNEST invite you to visit the Brabantse Metaaldagen where we will present several process and production optimization solutions, matching the theme of the show! One of these solutions contributing to this opitimization is related to the Voortman - SigmaNEST partnership to automate your production workflow, where the other solution is related to our newest multi-processing machines: the Voortman V310 plate drilling & cutting machine and the V631 beam drilling & milling machine.


 Automate your production workflow

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On the show we will present how a Voortman factory supplied with Voortman and SigmaNEST solutions is optimized and streamlined to increase your company's profits. Several multi-processing machines like the new Voortman V310, process ready parts for Voortman's own manufacturing, while several data streams from works preparation to end product and vice versa are automated. In this way, a simplified, efficient and insightful process is created, so that your company can quickly reduce part handling costs, reduce preparation costs and improve work load and part status transparency for the entire workshop.

Reduce your costs per part with the V310

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We noticed more and more customers need to perform multiple processes on a single machine, which is possible with Voortman's multi-processing machines. A good example is the new Voortman V310 plate drilling & cutting machine, which can perform all of the following in a single process list: (bevel) cutting, drilling, marking, thread-tapping and countersinking. The V310 inceases your flexibility, simplifies the logistical process in your workshop and lowers your costs per part.


Unrivaled milling for steel fabricators


The V631 high speed beam drilling & milling machine provides breakthrough features and we would like to tell you more about them! You can drill, mark and mill all sides of the material simultaneously without needing extra handling or turning the profile. Check out the video to experience the unrivaled milling capabilities from inside!


Let's talk about your goals and register yourself!

Want to learn more about how you can improve your production facility with Voortman? Let’s start talking about your goals and find out how to Accelerate Your Performance! Our team is looking forward to meet you at Booth C072 in Hall 7! With a wide range of products for beam, plate, flat and angle processing as well as painting and shot blasting, there's a Voortman machine waiting to take your workshop and profits to the next level! 

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