Small footprint

Voortman V600 small footprint

The table of the V600 drilling system is available in variable lengths, so it can be supplied according to customer requirements. Because the machine is moving alongside the products, the footprint of the machine is reduced by 50 % compared to a machine with cross transports and roller conveyors.

Processes all 3D shapes


Watch a selection of all 3D processes: Beam processing, Tube processing, Flat bar processing, Angle processing, Channel processing. 
All processes and profiles as seen in the videos can be done without manual programming in the software:

  • I-Beams
  • H-Beams
  • Channels
  • Flat bar
  • Angle iron
  • T-bar
  • Square tubes
  • Rectangular tubes

Vibrations are eliminated

Voortman V600 vertrical clamping

Hydraulic clamping prevents the profiles from moving during the drilling process and eliminates vibrations resulting in more accurate drilling and extended tool life.

On board compressor

An air compressor is installed inside the drilling cabin. The air compressor supplies the air for cooling and tool changing. The big advantage of this on-board air compressor is that it eliminates the need of a central air connector. This means, for the V600 you only need air supply and a data cable.

Voortman V600 onboard compressor

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