Great productivity

Four sides lay-out marking

The Voortman V704 can mark all four sides of the product. The machine can create part numbers, contours, welding information and detailed part numbers for plates and angles that will be welded to the profile. Voortman’s layout marking is driven by compressed air and runs at 20.000 rpm. The tools have a carbide tip with 4 usable sides which can easily be exchanged.


Roller feed measuring and transportation system

The fastest measuring system for profiles in the market is the Voortman roller feed measuring system. This system combines two driven and two pressure rolls, which use their large contact area to firmly clamp the profile during processing. The two separate measuring discs keep an accurate track of the position of the profile while moving it with high speed. As the profile needs to be clamped only once, waiting time is eliminated.

Laser measurement

The V704 marking machine is equipped with a laser measurement system to measure web and flange height. This enables the software to compensate for any mill tolerances.

Profile width measurement

When the material is clamped, the width of the profile is measured. The software checks whether the correct profile size is inside the machine as well as compensating for mill tolerances. When the wrong profile was loaded or the mill deviation is too big VACAM will warn the operator before resuming the production process.


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