Real-time demo

The product

We created a real-time processing demo product to show you that the Voortman V808 is the fastest robotic thermal cutting machine in the market. Watch the video below to witness the speed of the Voortman V808 yourself. The product below contains 12 different actions, all done by one machine:

  • Profile measurement
  • 2x flange/web block out
  • 3 x ø22 mm (ø55/64") bolt hole
  • 1x web cut out 120 mm x 80 mm (4-23/32” x 3-5/32”)
  • 6 x ø26 mm (ø1-1/32”) bolt hole
  • 1x round flange cut out radius 90 mm (3-35/64”)
  • 1x rectangular flange cut out 150 mm x 50 mm (5-29/32” x 2”)
  • 2 x slotted hole ø18 x 35 (ø11/16” x 1-3/8”)
  • 1x straight end cut
  • 1x chamfer cut 105 mm 45° (4-1/8” x45°)
  • 4 x ø18 mm (ø11/16”) bolt hole
  • 1x flange removal 50 mm (2")
Product software import   Product drawing PDF

Product fabrication time

All above actions are performed in the amazing speed of 3 minutes and 57 seconds.

  • 13 AISC/EN-1090 (M2.5) accepted bolt holes
  • 2260 mm (85”) cutting distance (excl. holes)

Product fabrication video


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