High user-friendliness

Camera and recording

The V807 is equipped with a HD web camera and recording device for continuous production monitoring. The live stream video can be viewed by your operator as an alternative to looking through the window of the machine or shared with other people in your company, like the works office for more direct insight to the uptime of the machine. The camera stores months of production footage so it can be shared with the Voortman service team in case any issues occur that require a deeper analysis. It immensely helps the operator clearly communicate which events led to the specific situation.

State-of-the-art user experience

V807 header 2

The large 24” multi-touch control panel provides a pleasant and accessible working area for your operators, with direct access buttons for the most critical machine functions. A full-size keyboard also comes with the control panel, giving the operator a state-of-the-art user experience to rival the best operator-friendly examples in the industry.

Maintenance & Service

V807 header 2

The V807 was designed to provide easier access for maintenance and service. All areas of the machine are accessible directly or through service hinges, and the rotational axis has metal covers to keep dust and sparks away from the rack and pinion and motor. The cutting robot is completely enclosed, and cable chains and the gas connection box for the plasma unit are placed on top of the machine, away from the cutting zone. All hydraulic hoses are metal-shielded, and lubrication points that need to be maintained by an operator have been reduced to a minimum.

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