Ultimate versatility

Cuts all 3D-Shapes

Watch a selection of 3D cuts

Beam cutting

Tube cutting

Flat bar cutting

Angle cutting

Channel cutting

The Voortman V808 can do it all
As seen in the videos the Voortman V808 robotic thermal cutting machine can cut all sorts of structural steel beams without need for a drilling and a sawing machine. To process the complete raw material lengths the Voortman V808 has two completely free processing areas for processing the front- and backend of the raw material with only one measuring unit. Since the Voortman V808 can process all four sides of the material with only one robot it is the most versatile machine on the market. All cuts and profiles as seen in the videos can be done without manual programming in the software. From complex copes to welding preparations and from bolt holes to complete lay-out marking the Voortman V808 does it all!

  • Square tubes
  • Rectangular tubes
  • I-Beams
  • H-Beams
  • Channels
  • Flat bar
  • Angle iron

Four sides processing


Due to the fact Voortman has added two extra axes on top of the six axes of the Panasonic robot itself the machine has a very wide reach and can place itself underneath the raw material loaded on the roller conveyor. This is a very big advantage compared to other machines on the market.

Another big advantage is the lay-out marking on four sides, when only marking three sides assembly personnel still need to measure manually on the fourth side of the profile. The Voortman V808 can handle all four sides which will save time and costs in the assembly area of your workshop.

Five machines integrated in one

When there is not a lot of free space in the workshop this machine is the perfect solution for your company. Doing all processes needed in the steel manufacturing business with only one machine, the Voortman V808.

The Voortman V808 is a machine that can do the same operations, depending on requirements, as the following machines: Beam sawing machine, Beam drilling machine, Flat and angle punching and shearing machine, Beam marking machine, Plate cutting and drilling machine.

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