Great productivity

Precise and fast carbide drilling

The machine is fitted with a VD40 drilling unit, mounted on double linear guides. The feed rate will be maximal until the drill touches the plate. Besides this, the weight of the in-house designed C-frame is almost 6.000 kg. This ensures the stability which is necessary for high speed drilling. The drilling unit is suitable for HSS drills, carbide tipped drills, solid carbide drills, thread tapping, counter sinking and center point marking. Next to this, drilled holes can be deburred automatically by the deburring unit. Finally, the drills are cooled internally by a mixture of oil and air, for a long lifetime of the tools and to eliminate cleaning work after drilling.


Hydraulic marking

The Voortman V200 is also standard equipped with a hydraulic marking unit. The disc holds 16 characters which are selected automatically and is installed for automatic numbering of the bottom side of the plate. The numbering unit can be used to mark a product with a part number, so that it can be recognized in further production steps.


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