High cutting quality

Extensive hole performance

The Voortman Xtensive Hole Performance is developed to optimize holes and inner contours with X-definition™ plasma cutting, resulting in laser like cutting results. To achieve this, Voortman further optimized the Hypertherm® True Hole™ and Kjellberg® Contour Cut range by creating a perfect match between the technology and dynamic movement of the Voortman V302. Holes cut with the optimized True Hole™ and Contour Cut technology (thickness versus diameter 1:1) comply with the hardness and hole tolerances defined in the EN 1090-2 up to 20 mm thick steel.

Next to this, the Xtensive Hole Performance is applied on small to medium sized slot holes and square inner contours. Damage by lead-ins and lead-outs is eliminated, creating nothing but a perfect slot hole or square inner contour.

The Xtensive Hole Performance is also developed for cutting holes in aluminum and stainless steel creating far better results than ever possible before. For aluminum it is now possible to cut a good quality hole with a diameter which is at least 1,5 x the thickness. For stainless steel it is possible to cut a good quality hole which has a diameter of at least two times the thickness. Voortman Xtensive Hole Performance is standard integrated in the VACAM operating software and will be standard selected when cutting small holes.


Automatic technology change in operating software

Let the VACAM operating software handle your high quality cuts without any operator intervention. Parameters like kerf offset, height control, pierce time delay and gas flow are all controlled by VACAM to ensure the best quality cut. All these parameters are automatically selected based on the cutting amperage and the processed material type and thickness. Switching in cutting technologies like Contour Cut/Contour Cut speed, True Hole and Voortman Xtensive Hole Performance is automatically done by the VACAM control to ensure the best cutting parameters with every contour. Based on the contour size the speed is automatically reduced to ensure the taper is reduced to a minimum.

Accurate and dynamic movement

Voortman took the next step in cutting accuracy with the transmission systems of the Voortman V302. Transmission systems with almost no play in arc minutes ensure nothing but a smooth cutting surface in the X and Y-axis. A milled S49 rail ensures a stable and equal movement which results in very accurate cutting quality. The X rails are equipped with a helical rack and pinion transmission with reduced backlash. This ensures an increased accuracy and more dynamic movement compared to a straight rack and pinion. The dynamics are also fully optimized and accelerations/decelerations are smooth and leveled. Vibrations are minimized creating nothing else than an equal cutting surface.


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