Automatic plate alignment


Heavy plates are hard to manually position exactly against the datum line. Time is wasted during loading the machine because the operator is busy with aligning the plate on the machine. The Voortman V320 can be optionally equipped with hydraulic pushers to eliminate this downtime and speed up your production.

With hydraulic pushers the plate can be loaded on the rollers in the loading area. The hydraulic pushers pull the plate towards the datum line to assure optimal alignment. Depending on plate width, the position of the pushers can be adjusted for faster plate alignment. The pushers can be operated by the VACAM control panel.

Liftable datum line

The liftable datum line secures the correct position of the plate before the drilling and cutting begins. The operator or the optional hydraulic pushers move the plate against the datum line. When the measuring system transports the plate towards the machine the datum line lowers below the conveyors.

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