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We're the same kind of people

We are Voortman Steel Machinery - Manufacturer of High-end CNC steel processing machinery. Some of you already know us. As a preferred supplier of The Reliance Group, we have been able to gain the reputation of providing high quality steel processing machinery.

Our diverse backgrounds allow for unique perspectives on problems and increased opportunities for learning. By working together, you benefit from what we all bring to the table.

Yes Reliance family, we understand your challenges. Because we are the same kind of people!

The investments of Infra Metals

In 2007, Infra Metals invested in their first automatic Voortman band saw. It was a 40” wide straight cut saw, with a rollerfeed measuring system. We, like many other saw manufacturers promised high quality cuts and accurate measuring, but what set us apart was automatic loading, automatic unloading and a data connection to automate the product nesting and create the processed products bill of lading. Today, every Infra Metals facility has at least one high production Voortman saw and automatic material handling system as part of their processing arsenal, most of which are the VB1250 with a stop measuring system. Let's go deeper into automatic loading and unloading and focus on material handling.

some of our machines that may be of interest

Voortman V807 Robotic coping / thermal cutting

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Voortman V310 Plate drilling, milling and cutting (moving gantry)

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Voortman V325 Heavy plate drilling, cutting & milling (passthrough)

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Voortman V303 Plasma and oxy cutting (moving gantry)

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Voortman V320 Plate drilling and cutting (passthrough)

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Next-level automatic profile processing

Automation is in our veins. Our developers go above and beyond to create a variety of innovative and thoughtful solutions. We're known for MSI - also referred to as Multi System Integration. It opens the door to fully automatic production by connection machines with cross transports, roller conveyors, product buffers and material sensors. Find out more about it in this video!

Meet our advanced plate processing solutions

We know you also value short lead times and processing flexibility with high quality when it comes to plate processing. We have our own manufacturing department, where we cut all kind of parts with our plate processing machines. So we have to deal with the same challenges as you do. Let us show you how we do this and how we create the most efficient workflow!

5 Steps towards a One-Stop-Shop!

Ever wondered how to improve your workshop efficiency and act as a value adding one-stop shop for your customers? But not sure how or where to start? Don't let another day go by! Learn what you need to know with our ultimate 5-Step Roadmap!


Hear it from our USA customers

SCW Contracting Corp - Andy & Steve Scrape - United States

"These two pieces of equipment work seamlessly together. They produce at incredible rates. To have one without the other just wouldn't really make sense."
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MMI Industrial & Steel - Dusty Pinckard - United States

"We've been able to take on more jobs then we ever could have, and some jobs we couldn't have done without having the equipment."
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