Voortman V304 plate cutting machine

  • Voortman V304 Plate cutting machine (capable of processing plates up to 3.000mm x 6.000mm)
  • Gantry beam of 5.000mm and side trucks
  • X-rail (9.000mm on both sides of the machine, including double linear guides, helical rack and pinion system and rubber covering band)
  • Plasma cutting and extraction table (3.800mm x 6.240mm)
  • Position 1: Plasma cutting unit Kjellberg SmartFocus400 (1 pcs, automatic gas console, complete with cutting parameter database)
  • Plasma 3D bevel unit (1 pcs, including 5 NC-axis, Voortman height control, intelligent torch positioning system and 3D collision sensor, for x-, y-, k- and v-weld preparations)
  • Clamped suspension (1 pcs, clamped to position 2, with manual clamp)
  • Dross inhibitor (1 pcs, including 1,2L reservoir)
  • Position 2: Oxy-fuel cutting torch (1 pcs, automatic gas console, ignition and piercing, complete with cutting parameter database)
  • Voortman height control (1 pcs, capacitive height control)
  • Driven suspension (1 pcs, servomotor driven, including laser pointer)
  • Donaldson fume extraction unit DFPRO12 - 200L – (NEW)
  • Hardware and software (includes VACAM ‘Machine Edition’, VACAM ‘Office Edition’, VACAD editor software module, VANEST nesting software)
  • Automatic nesting software SigmaNEST PowerPack
  • Safety devices (safety bumpers, emergency stop cord)
  • Built 2015