On the 21th of June, the German Steel Construction Day - With Voortman on the way to Industry 4.0 took place. Voortman, Graitec and PWC together informed a curious group of visitors about the latest developments, challenges and chances of Industry 4.0.

The opening of the day

The event was opened with an introduction of the Voortman Steel Group, consisting of Voortman Steel Construction and Voortman Steel Machinery. Thereafter, Graitec took the stage and started their presentation with the main subject Advance Workshop. Advance workshop is a specially developed and easy-to-use Management Information System (MIS) for the steel processing industry, which provides complete control over every phase of the production.During the presentation a live demonstration of the Advance Workshop software was given to the public, to show the possibilities of the software for steel processing.

A real Voortman Tour

After a short coffee break, the visitors went on a ‘Voortman tour’, in which they were guided through the world of Voortman by visiting the workshops of both Voortman Steel Construction and Voortman Steel Machinery. Following on this ‘Voortman tour’, a delicious lunch was served, while the visitors talked informally and shared knowledge and experiences with each other.

Three interconnected presentations about Industry 4.0

Thereafter, the program continued with three interconnected presentations from PWC, Voortman and Graitec. PWC started introducing the Industry 4.0 topic by defining the concept and explaining the challenges businesses are facing concerning the Internet of Things. Several examples from last year’s PWC study about Industry 4.0 were presented. 

Building on this presentation of PWC, Voortman continued the Industry 4.0 topic by applying it specifically to steel processing and show examples of how Voortman machines can be connected with each other. It was told that many opportunities for business processes in steel processing are created by the extensive automation and integration of production systems enabled by the connected machines and robotics, and the development of BIM software and MIS systems.

Futhermore, many visitors were curious about the Voortman Fabricator as a great example of Industry 4.0. The Fabricator makes it possible to assemble and weld steel construction parts in a fully automatic manner. Finally, Graitec extended the Advance Workshop topic treated earlier this day, but now with a clear connection to Industry 4.0. The main message: Advance Workshop allows you to organize your workshop and production site, according to industry 4.0, with digital processes.


Machine demonstrations and closing of the event

When these presentations about Industry 4.0 in relation to steel processing were finished, machine demonstrations were executed to let the visitors experience the world of Voortman in relation to Industry 4.0 even more. One of the highlights was the demonstration of the Fabricator. Finally, the day ended with drinks and Bratwurst, while visitors could network with each other and share their impressions and thoughts.
Overall, it was a great event, with a great atmosphere, with many curious visitors! 


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