Very versatile

One drilling head for 3 sides processing

The Voortman V613 beam drilling machine with one rotatable drilling head for drilling both flanges as well as the web is especially developed for customers who do not need the extremely high productivity of the Voortman V630 drilling machine, but customers who require a machine with the same stability and quality level at a lower cost.


Processes all 3D-Shapes

Watch a selection of all 3D processes


All processes and profiles as seen in the videos can be done without manual programming in the software.

  • I-Beams
  • H-Beams
  • Channels
  • Flat bar
  • Angle iron
  • T-bar
  • Square tubes
  • Rectangular tubes

Four sides lay-out marking

Another big advantage is the lay-out marking on four sides, when only marking three sides assembly personnel still need to measure manually on the fourth side of the profile. A separate unit can be installed in the drilling line, for layout marking the bottom side of the profile. This unit uses the same tool as the drilling heads. In this way, the Voortman V613 can mark all four sides which will save time and costs in the assembly area of your workshop.

The machine can utilize a layout marking tool to create part numbers, contours, welding information and detailed part numbers for plates and angles that will be welded to the profile. Voortman’s layout marking is driven by compressed air and runs at 20.000 rpm. The tools have a carbide tip with 4 usable sides which can easily be exchanged.


VN 36 hydraulic numbering unit

The hydraulic numbering unit can be used for hard stamp marking of products with part numbers, so that it can be recognized in further production steps. It consists of a frequency driven rotating disk which contains 36 exchangeable characters, with a height of 10 mm. The characters are hydraulically pressed into the steel, with an imprint of 1 mm.


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