High quality results

Accurate profile positioning

The high speed processing of the Voortman V505-160T punching and shearing machine comes without any compromise to the quality of the end product. On the contrary, the Voortman V505-160T is equipped with a number of clever features that assure high quality results under the most demanding conditions. To guarantee that the angle profiles are always perfectly positioned before the punch reaches the material, the machine comes standard with three solid external down keepers. Additionally, Voortman equipped the two punching frames with their own down keepers to make sure that the material is always kept in place when the punching tool retracts. This reduces punch wear, offering a high quality of the end product.


Precise punching frames

High quality of the end product largely comes down to the design of the punching process. In order to prevent vibrations in the machine while punching, the two punching fames of the Voortman V505-160T are mounted on a sliding frame with a hinge and a spring load. The positioning of the punching frames on two linear guidance rails is done with a servo drive and a spindle. This design assures a very accurate punching process which is not compromised at high running speeds.

Optimized shearing

The shear of the Voortman V505-160T features a heavy 245 tons cylinder for cutting the angle profiles. The shearing blade itself is optimized on all four corners. It can cut every angle in the range from 35 mm to 160 mm with the right radius, resulting in cutting quality as specified.


Effective barrel marking

The Voortman V505-160T can be equipped with a barrel marking unit which has space for eight cassettes, each containing a high number of thirteen characters. With the barrel marking unit, a complete row of characters can be imprinted at once. The height of the characters can be chosen in either 13 mm or 16 mm, in both cases 10 mm wide. The characters are pressed with a force of maximum 130 tons. This gives clearly visible and identifiable results with depths between 1 mm and 2 mm. Alternatively, a hydraulic disk marking unit is available. The disc holds 36 characters, which are selected automatically.

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