Horizontal and vertical punching


The CNC controlled Voortman V550-7 is equipped with a horizontal and vertical punch for processing flat and angle profiles in unrivaled speed. The vertical punch contains seven punch holders for round, square and slotted holes in the range of 5 mm / 13/64” to 57 mm / 2-1/4”. The punch mechanism is not directly connected to the punch cylinder. This design means you do not side load the punch cylinder so overlapping and nibbling with the punches is possible for producing long slots and edge punching for stiffeners. The robust V550-7 with a punch force of 980 kN guarantees punching in thicknesses of 5 mm / 13/64” to 25 mm / 1”. The Vacam software also controls the punch stroke. Should thicker material be punched you have the capability to double punch to ensure the slug is clear.

Flat and angle shearing


A high speed single cut shear is employed with a strength of 2400 kN to ensure the overall speed of the flat and angle machine is not compromised. The shear width of 510 mm / 20”enables 45° cuts in both directions. The shear rotations is positional from 0° to 45° and is positioning by program command. The Angle shear is also capable of processing material up to 200 mm x 200 mm x 16mm / 8” x8” x 5/8”. The Voortman Vacam software optimizes the cutting and punching sequence. It also fully controls all functions without the intervention of an operator as long as the infeed loading table is full.

Drilling with tool changer


The Voortman V550-7 uses a high speed CNC spindle with SK 40 holders for the production of drilled or tapped holes. The flat and angle machine also employs an automatic tool changer with 5 tools. The spindle can drill up to 40 mm / 1-9/16” diameter, tapping from 6 mm / 1/4" up to 30 mm / 15/16”, counter sinking and layout marking. To prevent chips from building up on the surface an air knife is employed to keep the area clear and not affect other machine operations.

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