High level of automation

Automatic tool changer

An automatic tool changer with 8 tools is included with the machine. The tool changer ensures higher production as the machine does not have to wait for the operator to change the tool. The unit is suitable for HSS drills, carbide tipped drills, solid carbide drills, thread tapping, counter sinking and center point marking.

To be able to move the drilling unit to the material in full speed, the length of every new tool is measured by laser when a new tool is placed into the tool changer. This eliminates touch sensing.


Double adjustable clamps

To assure a good grip, the machine has two hydraulic clamps which can be adjusted sideways to maintain perfect grip at all times, even when processing large plates. When the datum line is removed, the automatic repositioning mode can be used to drill longer material.

The Voortman V200 is able to drill plates up to a length of 2,4 m. After reaching the 1,4 m table limit, the product will be automatically repositioned so the last part can also be drilled. Hydraulic clamping prevents the plate from moving during the drilling process and eliminates vibrations resulting in more accurate drilling and extended tool life.


Heavy plate handling

The Voortman V200 can handle heavy and thick plates. With a maximum weight of 600 kg and a thickness up to 60 mm.


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