Carbide Drilling

The high powered drilling unit (30 kW / 40 HP) of the Voortman V200 maximize the benefits of carbide drilling. Carbide drilling is up to three times faster and has a longer lifetime than HSS drills. There is also no need for a drill sharpener. Carbide drills have a hardness of 77 to 81 HRC. A typical carbide composition is 93% Tungsten, 6.1% Carbon and 0.03% Iron. Tungsten carbide is extremely hard but also very brittle. It is also more expensive than HSS.

The carbide drills are provided with internal lubrication channels to ensure mist lubrication at the tip. This increases tool life, speed and feed rates, ensures a better surface finish and eliminates cleaning work after drilling. The range of drills which Voortman offers are specially designed for the Voortman machines for optimal drilling results.

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