Very user-friendly

Easy remounting with 3D collision

When a collision occurs, mounting the torch back always took some time. Therefore, the Voortman plasma and oxy-fuel unit uses a magnet holder where the torch can easily be remounted back in the holder to minimize downtime of the machine after a collision.


Easy restarting in case of arc loss

When the arc is lost or the cut is interrupted, the torch can be easily moved back to the point of failure without the flame burning. From the point of failure the torch can ignite and continue the cut. Another possibility is to move the torch a bit from the contour, start in the waste material, move towards the contour automatically and continue the cutting process.


Flexible plate measurement

Easy plate measurement with more complex scrap shapes. Based on the shape of the plate and the cut-outs an operator can choose with which corner he wants to define the zero position of the plate. The angle of how the plate is lying on the table can also be automatically calculated by VACAM operating software by manually measuring specific points of the side of the plate.


Large laser point


The outer dimensions of the plate are measured with a laser. Because Voortman uses a Large Laser Cross, this laser is easy visible for the operator, even at back of the table.

Panel moves with bridge


Because the panel moves together with the bridge the operator can follow the process up close while operating the machine. Changes in oxy-fuel parameters (e.g. speed and height) during cutting based on changes in the plate temperature can be done easily without walking back and forth between the operating panel and the bridge. Because Voortman also includes VACAM Office all preparation for the next nesting can be done at the office.

Easy user interface

Just like all other machines from Voortman, the Voortman V302 is operated and controlled by its proprietary and very user-friendly VACAM operating software. All Voortman machines have the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces the learning curve for the operator.

Online connection with plasma source

There is an online connection with VACAM operating software and the plasma source. Because of this online connection we are able to read fault messages of the plasma source and anticipate on this. This enables us to provide fast and efficient assistance in case of questions or disruptions, also on the plasma source. Customers can always contact Voortman in case of need.

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