Performance Scribe and Plasma marking

Marking by plasma creates a surface discoloration and vaporizes a small amount of material. Performance Scribe is done with a higher amperage and penetrates the material a lot deeper. The advantage of plasma marking and Performance Scribe is that it can be done with the same plasma unit.

For plasma marking, the plasma unit will automatically switch to Argon gas for optimal layout marking results. The marking amperage and speed can be increased and decreased to adjust the visibility. With increased amperage the marking will be visible after shot blasting, galvanizing and painting. Marking speeds depend on the depth of the mark but are up to 7,5 m/min (24-1/2 ft/min) and is normally meant for leaving marks of 0.4 millimeters deep.

Performance Scribe by plasma creates deeper marks than marking by plasma because Performance Scribe is done with compressed air or nitrogen. Besides leaving a deeper mark other advantages of Performance Scribe are that considerably less consumable wear occurs and since you don’t use Argon gas, no gas change and gas supply will be necessary.


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