Tool changer


The tenfold tool changer on the Voortman V320 enables fully automatic production and fast tool changing.

Length measuring

The VD40 drilling unit is able to store its current tool at the corresponding position in the tool changer and then take a new tool from one of the other nine positions fully automatically. When the operator stores a new tool in the tool changer the length of the tool is automatically measured and saved. This enables the drilling unit to move towards the material with maximum speed. Just before the tool touches the material the drilling unit reduces its speed to the required feed rate.

Automatic lifetime calculation

Before a nesting starts, the software automatically calculates how many holes need to be drilled. If the number of holes exceeds the defined lifetime of the current drill, the software will warn the operator that a tool change is necessary during the drilling of the nesting. When an additional drill is placed into the tool changer with the same diameter as the currently used drill, the machine will automatically change to the additional drill when the lifetime of the currently used drill is exceeded.

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