Multi System Integration

Voortman delivers a total integrated solution called "Multi System Integration" (MSI). Each Voortman machine is equipped with its own State-of-the-art VACAM Control Software. By interconnecting the handling systems and the VACAM Software on the machines, virtually one integrated production system is created.

Material handling

In a Voortman integrated system all the product buffers and transports like roller conveyors and cross transports are managed. As a result of this there is no need to manually transport materials through the production line. The MSI will also make sure that all buffers are used in the most economical way.

If there are more machines suitable for a certain operation the MSI may decide to reroute products, this decision is based upon the actual load at the machines (load balancing algorithm). Another important advantage is that production data only needs to be imported once. The MSI will distribute this automatically to all the machines which are part of the MSI.

High productivity, low cost

Shortly, several different operations can be done simultaneously. This increases the productivity highly while man-hours are being saved. The whole system is equipped with additional detection and sensors to monitor every operation and motion, resulting in full buffer control. This enables the operator to control the whole system on his own.

MSI video


MSI example layouts

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