France | Lignon Métal is a steel fabrication company based in Saint-Maurice-de-Lignon, France. Initially the company was more a steel work company but the last three years their focus shifted towards steel fabrication including roof and wall cladding. Lignon currently employs approximately 15 employees. 


Lignon was used to a separate process of drilling and sawing and was searching for a machine which could combine both processes to save floor space and increase their output. Lignon contacted Voortman at the very beginning of the research. After visiting Voortman Steel Machinery and Voortman Steel Construction in The Netherlands and visiting several Dutch reference customers, Lignon invested in a combined sawing and drilling line consisting of a VB1050 saw and a V613 drill. 

Thomas Fontanel (owner of Lignon Métal): "The big change is the EN1090 standard. That is the reasons why we have decided to work with Voortman and with a saw/drill line." 

In addition, the new system allows Lignon Métal to take on larger projects than before: "The machines allow us to take on larger projects. Previously we were on projects of between 20 and 70 tons and now we can handle between 100 and 200 tons projects" 

Lignon had a good experience with the entire Voortman team and the solution Voortman came up with.

Facts and figures

  • Founded: 2003
  • Core business: Steel fabrication
  • Employees: 15


  • Voortman V613 | Beam drilling machine 
  • Voortman VB1050 | Beam sawing machine

Company information

Lignon Métal
Z.A De Bouillo
43200, Saint-Maurice-de-Lignon

Phone: +33471653116

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