VD40 drilling unit


The Voortman VD40 drilling unit (with a SK40 mount) is suitable for HSS drilling, carbide tipped drilling, solid carbide drilling, thread tapping, counterboring, countersinking and center point marking. Drilling is possible up to a diameter of 40 mm.

The drilling unit is mounted on double linear guides. Servo driven ball screws guarantee precise and fast drilling, with extremely high feed rates. Hydraulic clamping prevents the plate from moving during the drilling process and eliminates vibrations resulting in more accurate drilling and extended tool life. The drills are cooled internally by a mixture of oil and air, for a long lifetime of the tools and to eliminate cleaning after drilling.

Carbide drilling

The high powered drilling unit (30 kW / 40 hp) of the Voortman V320 maximizes the benefits of carbide drilling. Carbide drilling is up to three times faster and has a longer lifetime than HSS drills. There is also no need for a drill sharpener.

HSS Drilling

The advantage of HSS tools are the low costs but the drilling speed and feed rates are much lower. Because the hardness of a HSS drill is also lower than the hardness of a carbide drill, the drills are getting blunt faster and require frequent sharpening.

Thread tapping


Thread tapping on the Voortman V320 is possible from M6 to M30 and the parameters are all standard included in the VACAM software.

Countersinking / counterboring

Because the top of the plate is constantly measured, counterboring and countersinking blind holes is also possible on the Voortman V320. Several sequence options are possible based on the chosen drill / mill type.

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