Germany | Until recently, steel wholesaler and service provider ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH of Düsseldorf (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) still had its steel plates blasted by outside companies at its branch in Siegen. But the company has recently invested in a VSB2500 shot blasting system from Voortman and can now deliver more quickly, effectively and efficiently than ever before. Mr. Egon Bender, branch director at ThyssenKrupp Schulte is satisfied with the investment: "This has been a long-standing wish at our facility!

Voit Stefan GmbH

Germany | Company director Stefan Voit at Voit Stefan GmbH Hallen- und Stahlbau in Waidhaus, expects to have a production capacity of 3,000 tonnes of steel in 2011. Compared with the 2,480 tonnes of steel in 2010, this represents an increase of around 20%, with the same workforce! His expectations are built on various investments made with Voortman. A new V613 drilling system and VB1050 band sawing machine have just been purchased.

ACL Steel

Canada | ACL Steel based in Kitchener, Ontario fabricates high quality structural steel and miscellaneous metals for clients in Ontario, Alberta, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and New York. ACL Steel clients can depend on quality products, excellent service and overall value. In 2008, ACL Steel began researching the purchase of a new beam drill line and decided on a Voortman high-speed three spindle drilling system V630.

Alstate Steel Inc.

U.S.A. | Alstate Steel began business in 1996 and was started by CEO Jeff Wallis. Over the last 14 years, Alstate Steel has grown from a local steel fabricator to a leading provider of complete turn-key steel construction services in the Southwest with projects that expand into the surrounding states. In the spring of 2007, Jeff expanded the operation by building a complete new fabrication facility. Alstate Steel now operates in two facilities that are adjacent to each other with the newer of the two buildings being the location of the most recent investment.

Hogan Fab

U.S.A. | We started looking at single spindle drill lines in 2005. At that time we decided to put the purchase of a drill line on hold and explore having our large volume drilling done at job shops with drill lines. Recently I came a cross an advertisement for the Voortman V600 CNC drill line in AISC’s magazine called Modern Steel Construction. The advertisement immediately caught my attention. With the AISC convention coming up in Phoenix I decided I would attend the show with the sole purpose of revisiting the drill line and particularly the opportunity to compare the three manufactures of drill lines side by side.

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