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Voortman V3100

Material storage

Is your workshop tidy and organized? Are you able to quickly and easily find stock products you’re looking for? If not the Voortman V3100 storage inventory system helps improve workshop efficiency while reducing clutter.

Main benefits

High quality

High stability

The base frame on both sides of the system is made out of 3 columns on which 7 heavy profiles are mounted for guidance of the storage bins. Both sides of the system are connected with each other by two beams on top of the system. On the back side, cross supports ensure a stable and rigid construction.


Easy accessible bins

All 7 storage bins delivered on the V3100 are equipped with two electro motors for movement. Each bin is made out of heavy steel profiles with a floor consisting of a tube frame.


Vertical supports for organized storage

100 vertical supports are delivered with the machine which can be mounted on the tube frame to organize the materials.


Storage material

The storage bins can store all types of materials e.g.: square tubes, flats, angles and plates up to 2 x 6 m. The total capacity per bin is 10.000 kg.


Do-it-yourself kit

As most structural steel fabricators are perfectly able to build simple structures like the base frame and bins for the V3100, we also offer the storage solution as a do-it-yourself kit. A clear set of instructions including the drawings as well as all the electrical components, cables etc. are delivered by us. You only must take care about the production of the steel components for the base frame and the bins and assembling all the parts to a complete V3100 storage system.


Easy manual control

A control panel with 7 x 2 buttons is mounted on the side of the system. Each bin has its own set of buttons, one for moving it forward and the other for moving it backward. The bin only moves as long as the button is pushed in. The control panel is also provided with an emergency stop button.


Voortman V3100
  Voortman V3100
Number of bins 7
Capacity lbs/bin 220
Length inside feet-inch 20-8 1/16
Width inside feet-inch 6-11 7/8
Height inside inch 6-11/16


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