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In the current steel and metal fabrication industry, finding skilled labor is increasingly challenging. Therefore, to remain competitive and ensure long-term success, it is crucial to prioritize automation, maximize output, and maintain flexibility. Rely on Voortman's wide range of reliable solutions to support you through this optimization journey.

Below you'll find more info on:

1. Achieving maximum output through automation.
2. Reducing man-hours through automated welding.
3. Enhancing processing flexibility.

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Given the narrow profit margins steel fabricators and metal fabricators are dealing with, there's a need to prioritize speed and efficiency, making automation a key driver to increase their earnings. With Voortman's state-of-the-art automation technologies, you can unlock maximum output potential and minimize manual intervention. Moreover, by automating repetitive tasks, you can free up your workforce to focus on more complex and valuable jobs in the workshop. Let the machines handle the routine tasks while you achieve improved overall performance.
Explore the following noteworthy automation solutions.

Maximize Output, Minimize Effort: Voortman's Drill Saw Lines

Get the most out of your workshop with a Voortman drill saw line. This compact solution simplifies logistics by minimizing crane or forklift use, thanks to a single infeed and outfeed. Measure the entire raw profile once, process it in a single operation, and experience a remarkable increase in output.

Its unique feeder rolls handle unlimited material lengths and allow dual-side loading. You can even load and unload material while the machine is already in operation, thanks to the gated light curtains. With this powerful drill saw combination, you can achieve unmanned operation under a single operator supervision.

With one-button automation, Voortman machines make complex tasks easy for anyone, regardless of prior experience. Go explore the Voortman drills and saw yourself!


Seamless Automation in Fully Connected Production Lines

Boost efficiency with automation! Seamlessly integrate machines into smart multi-systems of any capacity. Decrease costs and boost return on investment by connecting from beginning to end.

Complex logistics are a thing of the past. With machines communicating and running unmanned, a single operator can oversee multiple machines. Profiles are buffered continuously towards the datum line at a speed of 200 feet per minute, ensuring smooth processes even if one operation outpaces another.

But don't just take our word for it, seeing is believing! Immerse yourself in the video above and see the flawless integration and efficiency of our automation in action at one of our esteemed customers.

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The Game-Changer in Automated Plate Processing: the Voortman V320

Revolutionize plate processing with the pass-through Voortman V320. This cutting-edge machine is designed to meet the demands of steel fabricators who strive for excellence. What sets the V320 apart is its automatic discharge table, which significantly enhances uptime and productivity. It enables automatic unloading of products measuring up to 500 x 500 mm and weighing up to 75 kg. Notably, its small cutting gap, aided by copper strips, ensures that even small cut products of around 40 mm in size are automatically discharged onto the conveyor belt. Enjoy seamless material flow with the rigid, wide outfeed belt and make informed decisions using the Operator Dashboard's real-time feedback. With advanced cutting technologies, an unmatched drill, and interactive software, the V320 unlocks untapped potential.

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The shortage of technical personnel is a growing problem in the industry. In welding and assembling particularly, the situation is difficult. We frequently hear from the market that when manual production transitions to automated production, bottlenecks shift. In fact, assembly and welding becomes the bottleneck, requiring the most manpower, particularly skilled welders.

Designed to help overcome this challenge is the Voortman Fabricator! More than a machine, it's an innovative welding system that provides flexibility for structural steel fabricators to easily choose between fitting or fitting & full-welding. This premier system, powered by innovative cloud software, automates work preparation and efficiently prepares complete models rather than individual assemblies. By automating welding tasks for steel profiles, plates, angle irons, tubes, U-profiles, and crane runway consoles, it eliminates the need for manual labor and improves the quality of your projects.

But wait! The Voortman Fabricator is your co-worker and facilitates your workforce to work on more complex tasks that demand human expertise.

Ready to level up your workshop and simplify your welding work?



Fabricating miscellaneous metal constructions like balconies, stairs, railings, landings, and industrial constructions entails diverse operations in smaller quantities. Therefore, it's crucial to have flexibility and high-quality output when it comes to efficient plate- and beam processing. Voortman machinery and software are designed to optimize processing flexibility, letting you adapt swiftly and seamlessly to varying project requirements, while boosting your fabrication shop's consistency, productivity, and output.

For example, combining two all-in-one machines, the Voortman V310 plate processing machine and the Voortman V807 robotic coper, you can tackle any construction job on a small footprint.

The V310 offers unparalleled flexibility in a concise area, allowing you to mill, drill and bevel cut any product with exceptional accuracy at the push of a button. Its advanced software provides valuable feedback and enables you to cluster jobs, buffer multiple plates and run unmanned. With the V807 robotic coper, you can create copes, bolt holes, slots, notches, bevels, weld preps and layout markings in one pass with fast and precise results on all four material sides.

Whether used independently or in combination, these versatile machines offer:

  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Quick return on investment
  • Full control over your workshop's output

Some impressive features of the V807

Ben Morrall, Vice President of Sales at Voortman USA, invites you to join him on-site at job shop and metal fabricator Elite Welding in Millwood, Kentucky (USA), where he showcases an impressive range of useful features of the Voortman V807 that you should definitely check out!

See how the V807 made jobs easier for Steel Specialty

Voortman customers, in addition to Ben, are impressed with the V807! Not only are they impressed with the machine itself but also about the entire Voortman experience - one that offers an unmatched level of customer service. And what speaks louder than words than customers' success stories? Listen to the experiences of Steel Specialty, a metal fabricator based in Belmont, North Carolina!

These machines
could be suitable

Voortman Fabricator Automated fitting and full-welding machine for the steel fabricating industry

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Voortman V807 One do it all robotic cutting machine on a small footprint up to 1140 mm / 44"

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Voortman VB Range High performance miter cut bandsaws up to 1250 mm / 49"

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Voortman V631 Fast drilling and heavy duty milling without concession

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Voortman V310 The ultimate, most complete cutting and drilling flexible plate processing machine

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Voortman VSB Range Durable, high quality and automated shot blasting machines

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Steel fabrication

Machine fleet upgrade: V807 and Shot blaster

Drake-Williams Steel, Inc. a renowned steel fabricator based in Omaha (USA), upgraded their machinery fleet with the Voortman V807 and a shot blaster. Sean Conaway, the fabrication manager, is impressed with the V807: "It's so remarkable what this all-in-one machine can do. It really is the best experience we've had in years. We can know. It's the most accurate equipment with the best support what we'v ever had." The company's primary goal is to get as much material through the machines as possible to ensure that a processed beam or tube can go straight to the painter. The automation allows for better planning and execution of work, bringing a sense of satisfaction.

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Metal fabrication

Streamlined fabrication with the V807

Elite Welding & Industrial services LLC, a job shop located in Kentucky, USA, experienced significant growth that exceeded the capabilities of their existing facility. As a result, they relocated to a larger 30,000 square feet shop, prompting them to invest in new automation and machinery. Ultimately, they selected Voortman as their top choice, specifically opting for the Voortman V807 robotic coper. This machine has enabled them to take on more work and expand their capacity while allowing workers to devote more time to welding and other fabricating tasks rather than having to manually layout beams or drill out holes.

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Steel fabrication

A split system for maximum efficiency

Finley Structures, a prominent company based in the United Kingdom, recently made significant advancements by investing in cutting-edge Voortman technology and machinery. Julie Raistrick, the Managing Director, emphasized that their primary goal is to enhance efficiency and profitability within the company. The foundation of their relationship with Voortman dates back to 2018 when they acquired the V320 passthrough plate processing machine. This initial investment provided them with firsthand experience of the exceptional level of service offered by Voortman. By comparing it to their previous setup involving three different machine manufacturers, they swiftly recognized that Voortman emerged as the optimal and exclusive choice for all future investments.

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Metal fabrication

Reaping the benefits of a drill saw line

Metal Arts, a renowned family-run metal fabrication business based in Wichita, Kansas, USA, invested in a drill saw line. Placing the machines in tandem proved to be an excellent decision, leading to a remarkable increase in output and product quality. With a strong reputation for delivering top-notch craftsmanship and quality, Metal Arts has experienced steady growth and success. In light of their expanding operations, the company plans to relocate to a larger facility and further augment their machinery with additional Voortman machines. This proactive approach will ensure that Metal Arts continues to thrive and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

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Steel fabrication

A large system with tremendous throughput

J&D Pierce Contracts Ltd. is a large structural steel fabricator based in Glengarnock, United Kingdom. Pierce focuses on large scale projects such as mega warehouses, football stadia and multi-storey carparks. They invested in the largest European fully automated Voortman system. Due to the size of this immense project and the tremendous amount of automation, the system was on forehand determined and designed based on real-time simulations. According to Derek Pierce, CEO of J&D Pierce, the completed installation exceeded expectations.

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