Beam processing machinery

Fabricators require efficient and rigid machines for processing rolled steel sections. Voortman developed a complete range of advanced machines to cover all needs for the structural steel and fabricating industry. By combining several machines and their handling systems together with the VACAM Software, virtually one integrated production line is created.

Voortman V600

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  • Horizontal drilling head
  • Small footprint
  • Versatile
  • Fast payback

Voortman V613

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  • Rotatable drilling head
  • Solid steel baseplate
  • Lower costs
  • Runs without operator

Voortman V630

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  • Three side drilling
  • Solid steel baseplate
  • Most productive
  • Runs without operator

Voortman V631

Drilling and milling
  • Fastest milling on the market
  • High precision carbide drilling
  • Superior processing speeds
  • Save workshop floor space

Voortman VB Range

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  • -45°/+60° mitre cutting
  • Lowering and rotating table
  • Servo driven spindle
  • Fast material approach

Voortman V704

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  • Best marking quality
  • Runs without operator
  • Four side layout marking
  • Low consumable costs

Voortman V808

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  • 4 Side cutting/marking
  • Fast industrial robot
  • High-definition plasma
  • Direct DSTV import

Voortman V807

Robotic Coping
  • Footprint reduced over 50%
  • Fully automated processing
  • Easy replacement of
    existing roller feed system
  • Unrivaled speed and accuracy

Voortman V2000

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  • Section bending
  • Straightening of beams
  • Stroke memory for repetition
  • Optimal control

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