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Voortman VB Range

Beam sawing

The Voortman VB Range CNC bandsaw machine is designed to provide automated straight and miter cutting for structural steel. Each machine is mounted to a heavy-duty frame and comes equipped with the latest technology in servo motors and ball screw spindles. The VB Range cuts with optimal speed and quality for maximum production throughput.

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Main benefits
Features and processes
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VB Range bandsaw machines have a welded base frame for maximum stability. This ensure that the saw always has the desired tension and doesn’t deviate from the intended saw line. The machine can process at a consistent, higher pressure supported by the robust frame.

Several features included in the machine extend the lifetime of bandsaw blades. A swarf brush removes chips from pockets in the saw blade and supports maximum saw band speeds for the best results. The VB Range also has a maximum force limit ensuring the saw always pushes with optimal force for exact cutting functionality.

Feed approach speed
20 ft/min
Max saw band speed
394 ft/min
Max width (0°)
50 in
Max width (45°)
33 in

The VB Range is capable of autonomous production when even the smallest products are being produced. Clean, small cuts can be removed with the Short Product Removal System (SPRS), while profiles weighing many tons or outputting at long lengths can easily be sorted onto different sections of roller conveyors and cross transports at the outfeed. The flexibility and automation allows the operator’s role to focus on loading and unloading the system, saving valuable time and labor costs.

Feed approach speed
20 ft/min
Max saw band speed
394 ft/min
Max width (0°)
50 in
Max width (45°)
33 in



Moveable sawing table - blade always aligned with sawing area

A distinguishing feature on the Voortman VB Range sawing machines is the moveable sawing table. The bandsaw blade and cutting area move together and remain in line, so the saw never cuts the table. This means you will never need to replace the table during the machine’s lifetime. The saw and table rotate stepless to cut any desired angle and when the next cut in the batch is a miter cut, the table automatically lowers for free rotation to the next angle for processing.


Programmable rotation for miter cuts

When the VB Range adjusts its angle for a miter on the next cut in the batch, the machine automatically lowers the table for contact-free, rapid rotation. Any angle can be dialed in with the stepless design and fixed in place prior to cutting with a disc brake. Miter cuts from 45°/ 60° or -60° to 45° are possible with the VB Range.


Short Piece Removal System (SPRS)

The VB Range can be equipped with an automatic Short Piece Removal System (SPRS) so off-cuts and small products can be automatically removed, maintaining automated production. All products up to 1.400 mm (55") are clamped during cutting and pushed out sideways after being transferred from the saw. Clean cuts and small products shorter than 250 mm (10") are dropped into a separate bin. The SPRS is available in combination with a gripper truck measurement system.


Height detection laser

When the sawing cycle starts, the blade moves down towards the material at full speed, until the height detection laser reaches the top of the material. At that point the machine switches to the required sawing speed for that cut. Speeding up movements between cuts limits the time the machine isn’t actively sawing, increasing the efficiency of the VB Range.

High quality

Optimal blade cooling for extended lifetime

A mixture of air and oil is sprayed directly onto the blade for optimal saw blade cooling. The lubricant ensures you get the maximum lifetime for the blade with a reduction in cleaning since no excessive cooling fluids are used. The air/oil mist makes removing chips easier, also adding to the lifetime of the machine.


Automatic in- & outfeed

After loading the DSTV or DSTV+ (completely nested) files into VACAM’s processing list and loading the (optional) cross-transports with raw material, the machine can be started with just one press of a button. Once the machine is running your operator doesn’t have to do anything to help the production process other than keeping it stocked with raw materials and unloading finished products from the outfeed cross-transports.

High quality

Saw band projection light for accurate positioning

The VB Range is equipped with a LED light that projects the saw band cutting area onto your profile. Unlike using a laser line, using a LED projection method ensures precise saw blade positioning is visible on the product about to be processed. This feature is handy when a saw cut is marked on another machine or by hand, and your operator needs to position a heavy profile precisely under the saw blade.


Choice of measurement system

Voortman offers 4 different measurement systems with the VB Range (gripper truck, full-stop, measurement rollers) so we can provide the optimal measurement system to fit your application. Each system has unique characteristics to make them the best solution for different types of fabricators or steel service centers. Voortman is happy to help by analyzing your specific production requirements and recommending the ideal system to maximize throughput capacity and lower production costs.


The fastest measuring and transportation system for profiles in the market

The Voortman roller feed measuring system uses two feeder rolls to move material. Two measurement wheels are installed to accurately track the profile's position. Feeder rolls are often used because of the required space and the flexibility when integrated into a larger system. With a measuring roll system, it is also possible to load a new profile once the first profile has passed the edge of the cross transports.

Since a feeder roll does not have a rail, it is possible to feed into the machine from two sides. With Voortman, you have a choice in measurement systems, making it possible to tailor the system to the characteristics of your production database.

A strong and robust servo driven gripper truck for processing many small products

Voortman also offers a strong and robust servo driven gripper truck. This truck is the fastest truck available, adapting its velocity dynamically to the profile's total weight. This makes the truck more agile and safe for the operator. The feeder truck holds the material with a wide clamp, which is rotated automatically when the geometry of the profile demands. This measuring system is capable of moving even the heaviest profiles without losing its stability.

The gripper truck can be combined with the VB beam sawing machine - often with an automatic Short Product Removal System (SPRS) where the gripper clamps all products up to 1.400 mm (4-1/2'). during cutting, and then short products are transported sideways. With the SPRS and the gripper truck, the drill and saw become fully autonomous with clean cuts automatically dropped into a separate bin. Just start your latest production run before you close the factory for the night and arrive in the morning with all products processed and sorted on the outfeed cross transports.

A very powerful option, excellent for bundle sawing

The full stop measuring system with a Voortman Band saw is a very powerful option that is excellent for bundle cutting. Profiles are transported to the full stop truck individually or as bundle. When profiles are clamped, to be sawed to length, the full stop truck automatically moves to the next position. This way, the full stop truck ensures a high output. The full stop truck can also be used for individual profiles, and when a profile is still in the saw, the next profile can be loaded onto the infeed roller conveyor.

It is also possible to apply the VB Band saw with full stop measuring system in a fully automated integrated production system, also referred to as a MSI system, taking the best from both worlds: High speed bundle sawing and fully automated steel processing.

Combination with bundle clamp and bundle stop

If you need even more control when sawing bundles, you can combine a full stop measuring system with a bundle clamp and bundle stop. The bundle stop is placed in front of a bundle of profiles, so that profiles are aligned. With the bundle clamp, profiles can be clamped from the top, so that they are secured before and during sawing.

Reduce laber costs and increase efficiency

MSI, also referred to as Multi System Integration, opens the door to fully automate your production by connecting machines with cross transports, roller conveyors, product buffers, and material sensors. Production data only needs to be imported once and then MSI automatically distributes the data to all machines integrated in your production system.

VACAM decides optimal material route

Based on the production on hand, customer preferences and the available machinery in the MSI-line, VACAM automatically decides the optimal route to reach the highest efficiency. MSI designates the end of transporting raw profiles and semi-finished products from machine to machine. MSI stands for one integrated production system. You can track and monitor every profile, product and future planning in real time by using VACAM, Voortman’s proprietary CNC control software installed on every machine.

Designing your optimal layout

Together with you, the Voortman team designs the entire layout based on your current or expected production characteristics, such as type of profiles, product length, number of processes, hours in your work week and budget.

An integral plan to keep your production line safe and up and running

After installing a machine or production line, Voortman installs a net of safety measures. These safety measures comprise of light curtains, emergency cords and emergency stop buttons. Voortman has made it one of its priorities to deliver a safe production line, yet not hold up production if the operator needs to enter the safe zone. This is accomplished by using gated light curtains allowing loading and unloading while the machines continue processing, and by delivering remote controls with a kill switch that operators can use when carrying out tasks inside the safety zone.

and processes

Measuring rolls

This system is the fastest measuring system for profiles in the market. The absence of a truck enables the positioning of a next profile in front of the machine, while processing a current profile. As your profile needs to be clamped only once, a significant amount of waiting time is eliminated. Our most common configuration, a so-called back-to-back, combines a VB saw with a beam drilling machine. In this case, the measuring rolls of the drilling machine can be used for both machines. This very compact system requires limited space and ensures a high level of autonomy.

Gripper truck measuring and transportation system

The gripper truck is the most optimized measuring and transportation system when processing lots of small products. When the gripper clamps your profile at the end, the length is instantly determined. The gripper truck can reach the saw blade which makes it ideal for fully automatic production. The combination with a Short Piece Removal System (SPRS) enables you to automatically remove clean cuts, remnant material and products up to 1.400 mm / 55 inch. The gripper has the unique ability to automatically rotate its clamp for transporting various profiles.

Full stop measuring system

The full-stop is an extremely fast measuring system which also enables bundle cutting of multiple profiles. These profiles are positioned against the stop plate to determine their exact position. When clamped, the full stop is lifted and already taking a new position according to the VACAM cycle list.

Bundle stop and bundle clamp

The bundle stop and bundle clamp enable steel service centers to significantly increasing output, by simultaneously sawing multiple profiles to length. The bundle stop ensures accurate length by aligning all profiles, whereafter the bundle clamp fixates all profiles from top and sides.

Sawing various applications

The VB Range of bandsaw machines support different types of bandsaw blades with profiles built into VACAM operating software. Changing saw blades is a straightforward process and takes less than 15 minutes. The easy-to-use individual saw settings can be adjusted on the fly, making the VB Range extremely flexible for different applications. Additionally, a special mode to saw through thick profiles is provided to prevent the saw blade from getting blocked by the profile’s tension.

Fully automatic profile transportation

Full automatic profile transportation is provided in order to integrate the machine to a fully automatic MSI beam line. Our/The VACAM software controls the sensored drag-dogs or liftables, transporting profiles onto the infeed roller conveyor and from the outfeed roller conveyor. Selected products will automatically be produced out of the trading lengths. The cross-transports are able to handle multiple profiles, allowing the machine to operate autonomously for a considerable amount of time.

Active buffer management

Our in-house developed VACAM software is known for its high performance regarding automated material handling and buffer management. Active buffer management secures a priority position for the first profile in line while buffering following profiles. By continuously shifting profiles toward the datum line, new profiles can be loaded onto the handling system where the datum line is always provided with material. This significantly increases your productivity and efficiency, since machines are not waiting in idle mode for a next profile or production batch.

Automatic material handling

One push of the button is all it takes to get your production done. After importing industry standard DSTV or DSTV+ (pre-nested) files into the processing list of our VACAM Software, your operator can fully focus on loading and unloading the system. No manual intervention is needed in order to keep up with the production speed of the machines.

Easy operation

To enable constant and efficient production, VACAM offers your operators a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface. One of VACAM’s key features is the clear separation between work preparation, production and manual machine operation activities. For each mode of use, the required functions and data are available at your fingertips, enabling you to perform tasks in the right environment. VACAM Control software is known in the industry for its consolidated graphical representation of your production process. With VACAM, you have a clear overview of the process, production status and instant access to online assistance if required.

VACAM Machine

Every machine is equipped with our in-house developed VACAM control software. All machines share the same “look-and-feel” which significantly reduces your learning curve. Within VACAM's open platform, production data can easily be exchanged with third party ERP and MRP software, providing up-to-date insight in the progress of your projects. VACAM provides a real-time graphical representation of your workflows and processes and analyses imported products instantly. The software automatically suggests the best solution for any foreseeable problems. This way, your production is not interrupted resulting in increased efficiency and runtime of the system.

VACAM in the office

The VACAM software also comes with an Office Edition. VACAM Office Edition runs in a similar way as VACAM Control and Operating software and is dedicated to preparing your products into producible items. The user interface is focused on the preparation activities and also provides real-time insights in the material load on the system enabling you to monitor your production process. With VACAM Office, production information is available throughout the entire company.

VACAD Editor

The integrated VACAD Editor enables your operators to improve output by creating products or quickly improve and correct the product. The interface is easy to understand with straight-forward functionality. Operators will be able to take full advantage of the VACAD Editor and VACAM after a few days with the Voortman trainers.


Voortman VB Range
  Voortman VB1050 Voortman VB1250
Operating range 0° inch 20 x 44 24 x 50
Operating range 15° inch 20 x 41-23/32 24 x 47-1/4
Operating range 30° inch 20 x 36-13/32 24 x 39-13/32
Operating range 45° inch 20 x 28 24 x 33-1/2
Operating range 60° inch 20 x 18-1/2 24 x 20
Feed Approach speed f/min 20 20
Saw band drive Hp 10 15
Saw band speed f/min 130 - 400 130 - 400
Saw band size inch 2-1/8 x 1/16 2-5/8 x 1/16
Saw band inclination
Machine weight lbs 18,750 22,000


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Interested in getting a quick overview of what the VB Range is all about? Make sure to check out the VB Range product brochure!