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At Voortman, we're not just a machinery manufacturer; we're your strategic partner in tackling and navigating shared challenges and trade-offs. Just as we employ a modular approach in our machines, we recognize the diversity in your product offerings. While your commitment to innovation demands periodic updates to your product range, you also strive to minimize stock and work-in-progress. And, of course, there's the quest for the utmost precision and efficiency in your production methods.

In this exciting journey of innovation and efficiency, Voortman supports you with unwavering solutions.

Below you'll find more info on:

  1. Mastering Just-in-Time production
  2. Empowering Your Engineering Team: From design to production efficiency
  3. Achieving First-Time-Right production
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Mastering Just-In-Time production
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Through flexible machines and solutions with low setup times

Are you facing a constantly changing product landscape with numerous variations and a need for ongoing innovations and revisions?

Are you interested in mirroring Voortman's approach to minimize intermediate stock and work-in-progress (WIP), reducing risks, chaos, and tackling logistical challenges?

Are you seeking ways to efficiently initiate the right number of batches to meet your desired lead times?

We get it; you don't want to be dependent on forecasts either. You need a production method that allows you to produce the right product with the right materials at the right moment – that's the essence of Just-In-Time production (JIT).

Here's where it gets exciting: Voortman is right there with you in this endeavor. We've crafted a range of solutions to make your JIT process as efficient as it can be. These solutions effortlessly handle various small nesting tasks involving different materials and thicknesses, ensuring a seamless transition from one job to the next. They empower you to break down work into multiple smaller batches without significantly impacting your costs.

What's the secret ingredient? State-of-the-art machines with:

  • Unparalleled flexibility and processes
  • Lightning-fast setup times
  • A suite of innovative features

Let's take a closer look below!

Versatility redefined by Voortman's multi-processing machines

Voortman's plate processing machines are designed to operate in perfect harmony with the principles of Just-In-Time production. They are centered on carrying out multiple processes on one machine, providing flexibility and high-quality parts with low setup times.

One standout machine and a true embodiment of the Just-In-Time approach is the Voortman V310. It’s a marvel, equipped to perform a multitude of tasks at the push of a button. From oxy-fuel cutting and bevel cutting to drilling, milling, marking, thread tapping, and countersinking, this machine stands as a do-it-all solution. Picture this: create weld preparations in one nesting, while continuing drilling, milling and tapping operations in the other nesting further on the cutting table in a split second.

With all these processes on a single machine, operations become streamlined, intermediate stock and work-in-progress are drastically reduced, and your Just-In-Time production process operates at peak efficiency.

However, let's not overlook the versatility of the Voortman V303 and V304 moving-gantry plate machines. These machines offer a high degree of flexibility in your workshop as well, featuring plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, bevel cutting, and marking options.

Efficiency at its best: Voortman's Hybrid Milling in action

Even with these multiple operations at play on a single machine, Voortman is innovating to implement these processes as efficiently as possible and use best of both worlds. A prime example of this is the Hybrid Milling feature.

Here's how it works: you start by cutting part of a contour, then smoothly switch to milling to finish the job. The outcome? Impressive time savings with exceptional quality. Check out these videos to see machine manufacturer Karl Hartinger Kranbetrieb share his firsthand experience with this Hybrid Milling technology and the time savings it can bring!

Benefit from a long cutting table

Particularly when you're dealing with the labor-intensive task of handling various materials and plates, you need to consider integrating a flatbed machine with an extended table to further elevate your JIT capabilities. Both the V310 plate drilling and cutting machine, as well as the V303 or V304 plasma cutting machine, can be equipped with an extended table.

With this setup, you can load different types of plates sequentially, optimizing your workflow. For instance, load a Hardox plate at the front of the table and a structural steel plate further down the system. After processing the Hardox plate, the machine seamlessly shifts to work on the structural steel plate. This minimizes manual plate changes, reduces machine downtime, and ultimately lowers your operational costs.

Effortless job to job transitions with preset parameters

Seamless and automatic job or material transations are enables by Voortman's VACAM Software, integrated into our plate processing machines. No manual programming or adjustments are needed. This aligns with Voortman's one-button automation philosophy, making complex processes accessible to individuals of all skill levels with a single button press. Our goal is to simplify and enhance your production, with a strong emphasis on maintaining efficiency as a top priority in your operations.

Efficiency Unleashed: Streamlining Plate Processing

with VACAM's Buffer, Sequencing, and Unmanned Mode Functions

If you opt for a plate processing system with a long cutting bed and load multiple plates that differ in material type or thickness, the Buffer, Sequencing and Dashboarding functions of the VACAM Software become instrumental in smooth automatic transitioning between diverse jobs and nestings.

Effortlessly load and schedule multiple plates using the Buffer function

The Voortman Buffer function enables you to schedule and execute multiple jobs sequentially without manual intervention. It provides a comprehensive overview, aiding in determining zero points, and forecasting required and recommended consumables for a smooth uninterrupted workflow.

Efficient job clustering

If an operator notices some space or flexibility in the jobs planned by work preparation, he can utilize the VACAM Sequencing feature on the machine. It provides a clear view of tool overlap between nests, amperage, material thicknesses, and tools per nesting. This aids in grouping and planning tasks more effectively, striving for the optimal job order, even during unsupervised production periods.

Run unmanned

The 'Unmanned Mode' function complements this, enabling unmanned operations for extended periods. Imagine unmanned drilling and tapping operations at night, paving the way for a productive morning shift the next day focused on essential cutting tasks. The Operator Dashboard keeps you in the loop, notifying you when manual operations or plate and job loading require your presence at the machine. During the times when human intervention isn't needed, you can redirect your workforce to add value in other critical areas of the workshop.


From design to production efficiency

Voortman takes production efficiency to the next level by not only optimizing production processes but also supporting your engineering department. This empowerment allows your engineering team to create products that are optimized for maximum production efficiency. To achieve this, it's crucial to understand the actual production costs associated with your products.

Uncover True Costs with Voortman's Innovative Quoting Solution
We address a fundamental question: What is the real cost of 'Part A'? Gain control over this critical aspect with Voortman's innovative Quoting solution, which enhances your cost calculation approach.

Let's sketch an example!

V630 Profile Drilling Machine Drill Unit

We illustrate this concept with an example involving the design and manufacturing of the following highlighted cable support for the drilling unit of a V630 profile drilling machine, manufactured in-house at Voortman Parts Manufacturing using our V310 plate processing machine.

There are two distinct methods for designing and crafting this component:

  1. Welding most of the multiple cut parts together, with a small amount of bending included.
  2. Bending a cut plate.

The difference? The second method is 67,41% cheaper when it comes to material costs + operational costs.
How we figured this out? Simply by following the steps below.

This is how it
works in 4 steps

1. Start with sketching

We begin by sketching and detailing the product in the two different ways in our preferred detailing package and uploading the native file formats into the Quoting solution.

2. Get a precise cost calculation

We get an accurate cost estimation through SigmaNEST and Voortman machine processing data and tested machine parameters for precise time calculations for drilling, milling and cutting. Our tool, EVI, tracks production time, a key cost factor. Secondary machine operations such as deburring, bending, coating and varnishing can also be included in the calculation based on product geometry. For situations where geometry falls short, the Quoting solution lets us set specific rules and values to get precise cost estimates.

3. Further refine for efficient production method

Explore adjustments and do some final fine tuning, such as changing small operations or materials. We can see the intricate interplay between these changes and their direct impact on the cost structure of the product. It's a matter of refining, iteration, and validation of these modifications to find the most resource and cost-efficient production route.

4. Save it as your default mode

We found the most efficient and optimal way to produce the part! So we set the newfound efficient production method as a default. Every time that the product is produced, it will lean on this method.


Consistently yield flawless results

Picture a scenario where every component, every piece, and every product emerges flawlessly on the initial attempt. No rework, no wasted materials, and no delays. This is the essence of First-Time-Right production, an indispensable element, particularly when embracing the Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing approach.

As we produce a significant portion of our machine parts with our own machines, we understand the importance of high quality parts which are spot on the first time. Quality remains our utmost priority, whether it's in our customer service, processing technologies, or the robustness of our machines. It's an integral part of everything we do.
Explore how our mastery of quality in various plate processing technologies can benefit you.

Quality cuts with constant height control

Maintaining the correct cutting height is crucial for cut quality. It involves ensuring the torch follows the material's top surface. Voortman's plate processing machines, like the Voortman V310, excel at this by automatically measuring the plasma arc's length from electrode to material and making adjustments for consumable wear. Proper programming and deck maintenance are equally vital, especially for long bevel cuts. For a comprehensive understanding of how these elements work together, we invite you to watch our latest bevel cutting webinar video.

Unique bevel control for the most accurate bevel cuts

Accurate bevel cutting quality is also influenced by the unique Voortman bevel control present in all bevel cutting machines. Staying within industry terminology, this is also referred to as NON-Tool Center Point (NON-TCP). This means that all dynamics of the bevel movement originate from the entire machine, rather than solely from the bevel unit itself. Adding this dynamism to the whole machine, provides a high degree of flexibility giving you optimal control over cutting heights and cutting positions, reflected in perfect cut quality.

Seamless restart of interrupted bevel cuts

As you know, small pieces of material that are cut loose can disrupt your bevel cutting, leading to manual finishing or rework. The way you handle resume bevel cuts significantly impacts your cut quality. Explore our video for a demonstration of perfectly restarting interrupted bevel cuts.

Milling quickly and accurately

Milling processes are often thought to be complex. But we make the process very accessible. Milling paths are calculated automatically by the VACAM Software, requiring no (process) knowledge or programming. Any operator can create contours with just the push of a button. Fully in line with Voortman's one-button-automation philosophy.

Due to short tool lengths, combined with a very robust bridge and machine frame, the milling process is very fast and accurate. Clearly visible in the smooth surface of the contour being milled.

Leave bevel corrections to us

No more complicated and time-consuming corrections on your bevel cuts. Our Xtensive Bevel Technology is instant bevel cutting without pre-cut samples or calibrations. VACAM knows all complete bevel geometries and corresponding corrections, based on nose/land size, bevel angles and asymmetry. Based on Hypertherm Bevel Charts, extensions and refinements are added to make sure it is a perfect fit. Even if your plate dimensions are off, you're able to adjust and correct values while continuing the same nesting. Create high quality bevel cuts and weld preparations with one push of a button, leaving you with parts that are ready for assembly.

Our plate processing


Voortman V310

  • An all-in-one solution for beveling, drilling, milling, marking, thread-tapping and countersinking.
  • A single machine that produces at the push of a button for higher productivity and flexibility.
  • Reduces routing and intermediate stock for faster lead times.
  • Can be paired with Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit to process plates and pipes on one station.
Explore V310

Voortman V303

  • A cost-effective, compact plate processing machine for cutting and marking.
  • Optimizes connection and interactivity between the machine and workshop.
  • Capable of straight and bevel cutting both plasma and oxy-fuel.
  • Can pair with Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit for bevel cutting pipes and processing plates on one station.
Explore V303

Voortman V304

  • Next level multi-torch plate processing.
  • Capable of straight and bevel cutting both plasma and oxy-fuel.
  • Advanced software features for increased interactivity.
  • Can pair with Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit for bevel cutting pipes and processing plates on one station.
Explore V304

Voortman V325

  • Heavy plate drilling, (bevel) cutting & milling (passthrough)
  • Automatic part removal and deburring
  • Drill large holes up to 70 mm
  • Process thick plates up to 100 mm
Explore V325
Pipe cutting add-on

Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit

  • Easy to integrate and compatible with a V303, V310 or V304 plate machine.
  • Can be operated from familiar operator panel.
  • Highest cut quality due to TrueVolt technology and predictive model on full cut.
  • Small investment for less welding and grinding.
Explore pipe unit


Optimizing mechanical engineering with the Voortman V310

German machinery manufacturer, Hartinger Kranbetrieb, has shared its success story with the Voortman V310. By incorporating this machine into their production, they've streamlined their workflows significantly. Hartinger highlights, "We can optimize our manufacturing process with the Voortman V310, performing plasma cutting, oxy-fuel flame cutting, milling, and drilling all in one station, eliminating the need for multiple machines." This has boosted production capacity and accuracy while reducing manual labor and material waste. The machine's automation also allows them to offer high-quality products at a more competitive price to their customers.

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Elevating Recycling Technology: Bollegraaf's Innovation Leap with the Voortman V310

Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions, a leader in recycling and sorting systems, is continually pushing the boundaries of innovation. One of their remarkable solutions, the baler, boasts a 12-meter-long frame brimming with drill and tap holes. Seeking to optimize their manufacturing process, Bollegraaf turned to Voortman for a game-changing solution. They chose the Voortman V310 plate processing machine with a long cutting bed, enabling them to seamlessly process complete multiple frames fully automatically. This strategic move has not only unlocked substantial efficiency gains but also streamlined operations, significantly reducing chaos and logistical handling throughout their factory.

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Caterpillar Work Tools Innovation Journey with the V304

Caterpillar Work Tools BV based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands is a company with a worldwide representation of the well-known earth moving & equipment manufacturer. With a focus on crafting top-tier wheel-loader and excavator attachments for the international market, they've consistently raised the bar for quality. In their quest for operational excellence, Caterpillar recognized the need to automate their weld preparation processes. Their solution? A strategic investment in the Voortman V304 plate cutting machine, equipped with automated bevel cutting capabilities. With these automated bevelling capabilities they save more than 50% processing time. Caterpillar Work Tools BV's commitment to innovation and efficiency continues to drive their success story.

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Transforming Agricultural Wagon Manufacturing

Gubi Smedeteknik, the esteemed Danish manufacturer specializing in wagons for the agricultural industr wanted to level up their game. Their goal? To replace their aging cutting machine while simultaneously improving product quality and productivity and bring production in-house. In pursuit of this vision, they made a strategic investment in the Voortman V304, equipped with a remarkable 6-meter-long cutting table and low X-rail. According to Gubi: “When we are cutting on one end of the machine, we are on the other end taking off and laying new plates on the table. The rails are not so high so we can also put on plates with a big forklift."

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