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Increase interaction
and ease for your operator

With built-in process knowledge and automations, your operator is relieved of specifically needed knowledge. A 24" touch panel provides valuable information and suggestions to make the production process as smooth as possible. We worked hard to simplify and shorten common manual tasks. The ease of your operator guarantees continuity in production quality and maximizes overall uptime.

In order to provide you with as much machine feedback and information and to keep your plate processing machine running as efficiently as possible, some ground-breaking functionalities have been added to our VACAM control software. Herewith, you can appoint your operators as managers, since their main task will shift from operating the machine to loading and unloading and managing the entire workshop. How? Read more below!

Go unmanned with next-level features
Optimal efficiency - even overnight

Paperless job planning

VACAM Scheduling Overview makes job scheduling for work preparation easier and more reliable, taking away all uncertainty about scheduling and process times. Expected production times of each job enables work preparation to fit the jobs within the scheduled time. Operators can see which jobs can be processed and which need additional tooling.

Efficient job clustering

If an operator notices some space or flexibility in the jobs scheduled by work preparation, he can decide to use the VACAM 'Scheduler' at the machine. Scheduler shows tool overlap between nestings and amperages, material thicknesses and tools per nesting. This helps cluster and plan nests more efficiently and strives for the best possible job sequence for a period of unmanned production.

Provide up to 27 tools

In addition to the 8 tools already present in the main toolchanger that moves with the bridge, this machine can be upgraded with an additional 19 tools. While processing and tool changing with the always close by 'main toolchanger', other tools can be changed simultaneously in the additional and fixed toolchanger. This total amount of 27 tools allows perfect anticipation of all planned jobs, enabling longer periods of unmanned running with maximum uptime.

Increase interaction and ease for your operator
It doesn't have to be challenging

Process multiple plates unmanned

The VACAM Buffer feature lets you load and schedule multiple plates into the buffer list to run multiple jobs in a row without manual intervention. The buffer overview provides you with the planned jobs. It helps to easily determine the zero points and shows the required and proposed consumables up front. What's next? Just push the button to start processing!

Extend unmanned production

Even if you are running unmanned, there are still some manual actions that need to be taken. The Unmanned Mode feature works around these manual interventions in a fully automatic way with the available set of tools. If you use Unmanned Mode, you can continue operations for a longer period. For example, it allows you to perform overnight drilling operations in full automation, saving you a complete shift.

Only be there when needed

Our dashboard shows the time per process, the number of operations still to be performed and the remaining production time. But most importantly; it shows when the operator needs to be present at the machine for a manual action. During times when operators are not needed at the machine, work can be done in other areas in the workshop. Or in other words; adding value where it is actually most needed at that particular moment.


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