Voortman Customer Services

Assuring the best possible uptime
giving you peace of mind

As a result of many years of experience we understand how to make the lives of our customers easier and more convenient through service. Voortman offers all the necessary solutions to minimize interruptions in your production process and to extend the lifetime of your machines.


We believe that only providing basic service and support is not enough. It is our responsibility to make sure that your machines will always run as optimal as possible. Therefore we provide comprehensive tailored services such as maintenance, training and parts and consumables. All based on the needs of the customer. We see customer service not as a department, but as an attitude.

Tailored customer services

Value for life

Maximize uptime
Focused on training operators and minimizing interruption of the production process to assure optimal use of the machines.

Establishing and maintaining relationships during the entire machine lifecycle based on customer needs.

Disciplined and transparent: We do what we say!

Reliable partner
A reliable partner to fulfil the need for tailored customer services.

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