Meet us in the Voortman Experience Center

“Yes, really! That steel processing machine is fully automated and even gives feedback. Sure. You first want to see if you can cut, drill or mill your own product on this machine. Or get a demonstration as an introduction? You can. We organize that for you. Make an appointment and your visit will be prepared in detail. That’s the Voortman Experience Centre.

See you then. Lunch will be ready”.

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Voortman Experience Center

  • The interactive machine showroom of Voortman Steel Machinery
  • Voortman Tour; educational tour around the Voortman Campus and visit all locations and facilities.
  • High Tech training center for your engineers and operators.

Demos, knowledge sharing & meeting experts

  • Live & online machine demonstrations
  • Auditorium for lectures, product and company presentations
  • Cameras in and around the machine to look inside the machine via TV screens
  • Exchange knowledge with industry experts

Have your own production analysis, layout & product created

  • Get data analysis of your current production to gain more insight
  • Connect your production data to a virtual reality simulation
  • Have your optimal layout designed for a fully automated production line
  • Bring along a drawing or flash drive to have your product created in a demo


Experience the Voortman Experience Center program for 1 or 2 days:

  • Pick-up service from Schiphol; any time, day and night
  • Company visits to one or more Dutch steel fabricators, steel distributors or manufacturing companies
  • Lunch in the Voortman Experience Center or in the Engineering Center restaurant.
  • Various machine demos in the Voortman Experience Center
  • Educational excursion with the Voortman Tour
  • Hotel and dinner will be arranged for you as discussed

Plan your trip and view visitor information in advance.

"Seeing how other steel fabricators, steel distributors, steel processors and machine manufacturers work. Seeing how colleagues have the same challenges as you. Seeing how you can organize things differently in a workshop for more effective material flow. See how to get more production out of a limited space. Seeing how machines work and how software facilitates your workflow. Seeing what you actually buy. Seeing who builds the machines. Seeing how you can broaden your horizons".

Put on your safety vest and join us for a walk around Voortman Steel Group's industrial campus.


Umbrellas are ready for you should it rain, but today the sun luckily shines. All wearing safety vests? Come, let’s go to Parts 1 where plates are cut. There we will also see the welding of machine frames and bridges. From there, we walk on and see how we assemble electrical cabinets ourselves in a fully automatic way. During the tour, you will learn more about our digital solutions. Meet the Service Helpdesk to see who will be there for you. Finally, we will see live how fully automated production works. What does your future look like? Inspired? Come, we’ll walk back to the Voortman Experience Center. Time for coffee.


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Get inspired by reviews

GUBI Smedeteknik – Denmark

GUBI Smedeteknik is a Danish manufacturer of vehicles in the agricultural industry. During EuroBLECH 2016, the company learned about Voortman Steel Machinery and then visited the Voortman Experience Centre. SØREN GUBI: "We came into the Experience Centre and at that moment I was sold. Just a few days after installation, GUBI was immediately running full production".

Egger Pumps – Switzerland

Emile Egger is a major player in the field of industrial fluid pumps. Operations manager Gregory Dind: "During the visit to the Experience Centre in Rijssen and a tour of the factory, we became fully aware that the machine meets more requirements because of its heavy-duty construction and high quality components."

SCW Contracting Corp – California US

Andy Scrape of SCW Contracting Corp says: "We did not realize beforehand how much more we would learn once we were in the Netherlands and saw you in action in everyday production facilities. Sometimes small facilities, like ours, sometimes big ones. It really broadened our horizons. Everyone there is professional and your facilities are clean and impressive".