Employees 650
Founded 1968
Years of experience 56
Locations 10


Welcome to Voortman Steel Machinery, a name synonymous with innovation, excellence, and a deep commitment to quality. We have grown from modest beginnings into a large global leader, creating unparalleled CNC steel processing machinery with integrated business software solutions that automate and optimize your production process.


It's simple: Your needs and exceeding them. Our mission extends beyond just the machine; we engineer complete solutions. And we do this with a promise of the best customer service, treating each project and customer as a part of our extended Voortman family.


“It's my privilege to share the story of our company, a journey that is close to my heart and woven into our family business. It all began in a humble chicken shed in The Netherlands back in 1968. The vision and hard work of my father laid the foundation for what Voortman is today.

Those early days were full of pioneering spirit and innovation. We initially focused on building steel structures, a venture that demanded not only skill but also a vision for the future. By the 1995s, our ambitions had grown, leading us to develop steel processing machines — a significant leap that marked the beginning of a new chapter: Voortman Steel Machinery.

Over the years, our company has evolved into a global leading manufacturer of CNC steel processing machinery and software solutions, catering to diverse industries. I am proud to say that we have installed countless machines worldwide. Our journey, marked by milestones and partnerships, wouldn't be possible without our valued customers and talented employees. Their dedication, expertise, and passion have been pivotal in every step of our progress.

I invite you to explore the key moments of our journey, which are not just achievements but also represent the trust and relationships we have built with our customers and partners.

Thank you for being a part of our story or just beginning to explore it!”

SINCE 1968


Gerrit Voortman became part of his brothers' company, H. Voortman & Co. This collaboration led to the growth of a mechanization business that swiftly exceeded its initial scope, setting the stage for the current company's foundation.


Two distinct entities were formed: Voortman Automatisering, focused on mechanical engineering and later renamed Voortman Steel Machinery, and Voortman Steel Construction, dedicated to steel construction, which retained its name until its acquisition by Severfield in 2023.


Since 1995, Voortman has exclusively concentrated on CNC-controlled machines for the steel construction industry, a specialization that has led to considerable growth for our company.


To improve support for customers in Germany, Voortman founded Voortman Deutschland GmbH. Germany continues to be a significant sales area for us, where machines installed since 1992 are still in use today.


In the spring of 2001, Voortman Steel Machinery moved to new premises in the Plaagslagen industrial park in Rijssen, The Netherlands, where our headquarters are still located.


In 2003, we also expanded our operations to England, establishing Voortman UK Ltd near Birmingham.


This was the year Voortman machines debuted VACAM Software, our proprietary software offering users unparalleled control and flexibility. Continuously improved, we still work daily on developing this software.


In 2005, we cross the ocean and open Voortman USA in Chicago to serve customers across North, Central, and South America. Since 2012, North America has become one of our most vital sales regions.


We launched our advanced and interactive Experience Center, complete with a showroom and training facilities. That same year, Voortman France was established.


In 2018, we created our Voortman Parts Manufacturing 1 division, dedicated to producing fabrication parts for our machines including frames, roller conveyors, and cross conveyors. This is the year in which Voortman Poland was opened as well.


In 2021, Voortman Parts Manufacturing 2 was born. This facility plays a crucial role in welding together components from Parts Manufacturing 1 to construct sturdy machine frames and more. Additionally, we handle in-house electrical cabinet production at this location.


In 2023, 150 R&D engineers transitioned to our new, state-of-the-art Voortman Engineering Center. This facility features an R&D hall, office spaces, our company restaurant Steely's, a three-story parking garage, and a meeting center for our colleagues' use.

2023 Q1

At the end of the first quarter in 2023, we sold our Voortman Steel Construction division to Severfield, a publicly listed steel company in the UK. This move provides an opportunity for both Voortman Steel Machinery and Voortman Steel Construction to continue their growth and face the future with confidence.

2023 Q2

In the second quarter, we acquired Müller Opladen GmbH, a top manufacturer of pipe processing machines. This strategic acquisition expands our offerings to customers and opens opportunities in growing markets like Offshore & Energy and Process Equipment.


Machines + Software + Service = Your total solution partner

Our goal is to be your total supplier – a partner who doesn't just provide equipment, but a complete solution for your industry. As time marches on, we've evolved beyond just being a machine manufacturer; we've become an architect of software solutions. We understand that in the tapestry of modern production, software is not just a thread but a vital lifeline. It's the key to unlocking the full potential of your production process, optimizing every step to perfection.

Envision a situation where every beam, pipe, and plate machine is part of a greater, more intelligent system. This is what we create with our advanced VACAM Software and the comprehensive DIGI-STEEL Software Suite. It's about creating an ecosystem that's intuitive, efficient, and seamlessly connected.

And we don't just stop at providing state-of-the-art machines and software. Our commitment to you includes powerful, localized customer service. We believe that support should be as accessible as it is efficient, ensuring that no matter where you are, we're just a call or a click away. We're here to make things easy for you, ensuring that from the moment you start working with us, your journey is worry-free.

You can benefit from our in-house approach

At the heart of our ethos lies a blend of forward-thinking innovation, commitment to automation, and an unwavering focus on quality. It's not just what we do, but how we do it that sets us apart. We believe passionately in the power of bringing processes in-house – it's our key to being efficient, independence, and consistently excellent.

Every building on our large Voortman Campus pulses with a unique aspect of our in-house philosophy. From in-house assembling and thorough testing to in-house production of the robust machine frames and cabinets. We have everything in control, so you know you get a top-notch quality product!

And the best part? We're excited to share this world with you. Join us on a tour of our facilities. We'll pull back the curtain and show you what happens behind those walls, so you can see firsthand the care, expertise, and passion that goes into crafting each of our solutions.

Experience the Voortman Campus / An Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look

Voortman Engineering Center

Meet the heart of innovation

Voortman Experience Center

Interactive showroom, demo and training center

Voortman Assembling Center

Assemble – test – ship

Voortman Manufacturing Center 1

Use our machines to build our machines

Voortman Manufacturing Center 2

Welding parts together and electrical cabinet production

Some of
our offices


Lyon, France

Bonjour! Discover our Voortman France office, nestled in the heart of Lyon with a dedicated team of 15 professionals, including project managers, sales representatives, support and service engineers. Our mission? To provide unparalleled service to our French-speaking customers. Bienvenue à Voortman France!


Monee, Illinois

Get ready to be impressed at Voortman USA, where a dynamic team of 60 experts eagerly awaits to assist you. Next to a whole team of dedicated support engineers, they also boast their very own warehouse, showroom, installation, and service team. Experience unmatched convenience and expertise all under one roof.


Cologne, Germany

Voortman Germany, with its recent acquisition of Müller Opladen, a global leader in 3D pipe processing machines, significantly enhances its capabilities. This subsidiary not only develops and manufactures advanced machines but also boasts a dedicated support team and a fully stocked warehouse. Efficient replenishment is ensured through close proximity to the Voortman headquarters, further streamlining operations.


Rijssen, The Netherlands

Welcome to the Voortman Campus, where up to 450 passionate individuals from around the world come together. Here, you'll find the heart of our production: steel processing machines, cutting-edge material handling, and industry-leading VACAM Software all under one roof.

Interactive showroom, demo and training center

Come visit the Voortman Experience Center

We warmly invite you to our Voortman Experience Center – a space that's more than just a showroom, it's an interactive adventure. Explore our machines up close, choose one that interests you, and we'll arrange a live demo just for you. See innovation firsthand as our machines turn raw materials into masterpieces. Can't visit in person? No problem! Experience it online.

Get a demo


At Voortman, we pride ourselves on the diverse and rich experiences of our 600-strong workforce.
Each employee carries a unique story. While it's not feasible to share every individual narrative, we believe it's important to spotlight some of them to give you a glimpse into the Voortman culture that drives us.


As we look to the future, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. We remain committed to our mission of delivering exceptional value to our clients and playing a vital role in the advancement of the steel processing industry. We continue to innovate, grow, and create lasting impacts across the globe.

But here’s a question for you: What are your plans for the coming 10 years?

Why wait for inspiration when you can find it now, right?

We will help you discover it.


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