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In a compact area

Looking for a compact yet flexible plate cutting and marking machine packed with thoughtful features? Then we would like to introduce you to our Voortman V303 and V304. These twin machines offer identical features and benefits, but with one key distinction: the V304 enables multi-oxy torch cutting, from 3 to 6 torches.

Both machines feature next-level VACAM Software that automates plate production and provides plenty of real-time feedback. With the largest touch panel available in the market and a user-friendly interface, operators can effortlessly navigate through the entire cutting procedure. Our focus remains on delivering exceptional quality while minimizing manual intervention, ensuring maximum efficiency. Thanks to the "Xtensive Bevel Cutting technology," even the most complex bevel cuts are now fully automated, eliminating manual corrections or pre-cutting, saving you time and effort. These are just some of the many benefits of the V303 and V304. Keep scrolling for more remarkable capabilities!


Voortman presents a diverse selection of moving-gantry plate processing machines, designed to meet various production requirements. Discover the range, compare supported processes, and select the ideal machine to accomplish your processing objectives.


With the Voortman V304

Ever thought about boosting your production with multiple oxy-fuel torches? Meet the game-changer – the Voortman V304! As the proud sibling of the V303, the V304 shares all similar renowned specifications, but with a twist – it allows for multi-oxy operation from 3 to 6 torches, bringing a plethora of benefits.

Close torch positioning

The V304's multi-oxy torch design features an outstanding minimum product distance and a slim product width of just 145 mm. Thanks to the torches' close proximity, you can position them with exceptional precision, resulting in optimized material usage and enhanced efficiency.

Effortless oxy-fuel control

Despite oxy-fuel requiring occasional manual adjustments, we've made it effortless. The V304 takes the hassle out of operations and oxy-fuel control with its perfect blend of user-friendly interfaces and hardware buttons. Adjusting torch distance, managing height control, defining cutting speed, and intervening during preheat time for individual or multiple torches is now a breeze.

Quick nozzle changes

The cherry on top? A sleek, simple bayonet mount that allows for quick nozzle changes and cleaning. Less downtime, more productivity!

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A perfect synergy between machine and shopfloor

In order to provide you with as much machine feedback and information and to keep your plate processing machine running as efficiently as possible, some ground-breaking functionalities have been added to our VACAM control software. Herewith, you can appoint your operators as managers, since their main task will shift from operating the machine to loading and unloading and managing the entire workshop. How? Read more below!

Maximum up-time with buffer management

The VACAM Buffer feature allows you to load and schedule multiple plates into the buffer list in order to run multiple jobs in a row without the intervention of an operator. The buffer overview gives you a clear picture of the planned jobs and provides operators information to easily determine the zero points, see which tools are required for each job and anticipate them. The result? Less manual intervention and maximum up-time due to maximum preparation.

Only be there when needed

Our dashboard shows the time per process (plasma or oxy-fuel), the number of operations still to be performed and the remaining production time. But most importantly; it shows you when you need to be physically present at the machine for a manual operation. So working in other areas at the workshop, during times when you don’t need to be physically present at the machine, allows you to achieve maximum efficiency. Or in other words; adding value where it is actually most needed at that particular moment.

Job scheduling made easy

VACAM Scheduling Overview takes away all uncertainty about scheduling and process times without unnecessary paperwork at your machine. With insight into the expected production times of each job, work preparation knows whether all planned jobs will fit within the scheduled time. At the machine itself, operators can see at a glance which jobs need to be cut and when. Based on the displayed production times, amperages, material thicknesses and tools per nesting, an operator can easily estimate whether nests can be planned and clustered more efficiently in terms of sequence.

Nest within your remnant or full plate

Easily check if your nesting fits into your remnant or full plate with the Plate Verification Feature. By means of a highly visible laser pointer, the entire outer contour of your nesting is traced. Need adjustments? No problem! Reposition and correct the zero point with the joystick on the panel. This also applies to remnants. Regardless of the position or shape, you only need an intact angle. VACAM can automatically recalculate all operations and zero points and rotate the nesting in the software if needed. So: It’s a piece of a cake, ready to start your nesting!

Largest panel in the industry

A large 24” touch screen panel is able to provide you with more valuable information and allows more interaction. The combination of both touch screen and hardware buttons keeps you in touch and in control of the machine and allows optimal monitoring and adjustment of the cutting process. Operating the machine is made easy!

Optimize your entire production process

A perfect fit with SigmaNEST modules

All new functions on the V303 and V304 that contribute to more interaction and feedback, align very well with existing SigmaNEST modules. Using SigmaNEST advanced nesting solution in combination with Voortman machines, allows you to optimize your whole fabrication process from work preparation to end product thus improving your business profitability. Let’s dive somewhat deeper into the specific SigmaNEST modules and the benefits you gain from it.

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Without manual intervention

With the new 'Xtensive Bevel Cutting technology', even the cutting of complex bevels is fully automated and require no manual correction or even pre-sample cutting. Combined with our Dross Inhibitor, for minimizing slag during piercing, TrueVolt Technology and Xtensive Hole Technology, the V303 and V304 are able to cut the most complex products fully automatically. Driven by experience and innovation.

Take quality one step further

Our in-house developed VACAM Control Software enables us to convert experience and knowledge into technical solutions. It is an ongoing process of continuous adjustments and additions. With our own Xtended Hole Technology we further optimized the quality of various contours, based on the dynamics of our machine. Driven by the well-known True-Hole Technology from Hypertherm, we took it a step further and created the perfect match between the software and the mechanical components. Voortman Xtended Hole Performance is an extra optimization step to create high quality smaller contours such as slot holes and rectangle holes. All included in our VACAM Control Software, without additional license fees or purchases and ready to use.

Leave bevel corrections to us

You don't have to deal with complicated and time consuming corrections on your bevel cuts. Our new Xtensive Bevel Technology is all about instant bevel cutting without pre-cut samples or calibrations. Our VACAM control software knows all complete bevel geometries and corresponding corrections, based on nose/land size, bevel angles and asymmetry. Just choose your preferred bevel geometry from our live database and press start to make the perfect cut. We took the well-known Hypertherm Bevel Charts one step further and added some extensions and refineries to make it a perfect fit with our own machinery. One unique feature is that when your plate dimensions are off, you can adjust and correct values even after the programming stage. After the necessary adjustments, the same nesting can continue without the need for new programming. Shift work is made easier thanks to this additional feature.

Perfectly synchronized movements

The powerful VACAM software is able to control 9 axis simultaneously. With these precise and synchronized movements the machines are capable of performing the most advanced cuts with ease. Adding this dynamism to the whole machine adds a high degree of flexibility giving you optimal control over cutting heights and cutting positions. It is not without reason that a helical rack and pinion was chosen on both the X and Y movements. The helical teeth of the gears provide the machine with a position accuracy of less than 0.1mm, reflected in your end products.

Restart while maintaining quality

Several reasons can cause interruptions to the cutting process, with only limited manual influences. What you can influence is the way of restarting. Most of the costs occur because parts are lost in the process with damaging restarts or time consuming manual corrections. Our extended restart functionality creates an automatic arc-lead, allowing the plasma arc to continue on its path with minimal damage to the product. After only a short downtime you are back on production quickly without additional costs, while retaining product quality.

No calibration and lowered consumable costs

There are lots of variables which together contribute to the optimum cutting quality. A great deal is contributed by the design of the bevel unit, consisting of only 2 drives. These parts are perfectly attuned to each other in the manufacturing process. The mounting of this unit is independent of any form of tolerances and requires no calibration. Normally, if you want multiple parts to be aligned, it requires a lot of calibration from you or even from external service technicians. Especially when cutting with 2 bevel units that share the same X-rail, calibration corrections cannot apply to both. That is one of the reasons our mechanical bevel design is preferred. With the synchronized axis and accurate rack and pinion movements, you have full control over the cutting quality and cutting costs. Many deal with high consumable costs due to a incorrect flame height. Our mechanical bevel design ensures a perfect height with low consumable costs and perfect cutting quality with no need for calibration. Convert downtime to up-time with your Voortman machine.

Continuous quality with TrueVolt

To ensure a most optimal cutting quality and the highest consumable life, you want your nozzle at a fixed height relative to the plate. Therefore our in-house developed TrueVolt Technology instantly measures the arc voltage and corrects based on the real-time consumable wear, keeping that distance intact. When you can only use predefined values you will notice that the head slowly moves towards the plate to keep meeting that value. A short distance can quickly lead to collision and even faster wear of consumables. With TrueVolt we ensure that consumable wear does not affect the cutting process, giving you optimal cutting results and extended use of your consumables.

Increase quality and decrease post-processing

Piercing plates always results in an accumulation of slag, which affects both your cut quality and your post-processing time. Our dross inhibitor is a small nozzle near the torch that sprays a layer of oil, just before piercing. Even when cutting holes, where it is very likely that a lump of slag can influences the hole quality, you will find that with that layer of oil, your post-processing time will decrease and your hole quality will improve. Slag will not attach to the surface, but bounces off. Leaving your operator with less manual cleaning and not having to separate smaller adhered products.

ADD-ON / Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit

Increase flexibility by adding our Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit

Easy to integrate and add to your existing or new V303, V310 or V304 plate processing machine.




save time


less dependent save costs



For your shop floor manager

Of course, there are still times when your shop floor managers notice that they have to perform manual operations on or around the machine. In that case, let's make it as easy as possible for them. Think of easy loading and unloading due to the low machine X-rail, easy cleaning of the cutting table due to Voortman's in-house developed cutting table and much more.

A nice step up

With an average nesting containing 400 products, an operator will have to step on and over the rails at least 200 times. That is why we have made sure that the step height of our X-rail is almost equal to a stair step, making loading and unloading easier. The more the day progresses, the more noticeable this benefit will be. This allows you to relieve your operators as much as possible while getting the most out of your cutting machine.

Take the cutting table from us

What came as feedback from our own manufacturing plant was the time-consuming work of cleaning the cutting tables. Several components had to be removed before the slag bin could even be lifted. So, our engineers started working on this and developed a table based on our own experiences and produced entirely in-house. With a minimum amount of components, easy liftable cleaning bins and fixation parts placed outside the cutting section, this cutting table proves a 30% reduction in cleaning time. To achieve even more than 30% reduction, there is the option to opt for a shuffle conveyor below the table bins. Smaller parts are then automatically conveyed to the front of the table, together with slag. This eliminates the amount of cleaning time and also the risk that these small parts are all covered by slag from successive operations, increasing the quality of your parts.

Perfect cutting height and lowered costs

The synchronized and accurate helical rack and pinion movements provides our machine with very dynamic use of all axes simultaneously for cutting movements. Precisely because of that unprecedented dynamics, you are not dependent on a fixed cutting height. A fixed cutting height equals a higher arc voltage and results in a higher consumption of consumables, higher power consumption and a lower bevel cut quality. Integrating accurate machine movements enables full control over motion speed and cutting heights for the highest cutting quality and has proven to save more than 1.500 euros annually.

Accuracy with helical gearing

The helical rack and pinion guide was chosen for its positioning accuracy of less than 0.1 mm and its ability to handle heavy parts. The load on helical gears is distributed over several teeth, resulting in reduced wear for the guidance and the transmission. To keep this wear to a minimum and provide you with maximum accuracy, the guides are protected by a flexible cover against dust and dirt.

Easy and fast nozzle change

With varying plate thicknesses and consumable wear, it is unavoidable to change the nozzle regularly. The design of our oxy-fuel torch allows this to be done in a very accessible and fast way. With an effective bayonet mounting and without additional components in the way, the change is quick and efficient. Especially if these actions are performed several times a day, keeping downtime to a minimum is very noticeable.

Maximize consumable life

To ensure a most optimal cutting quality and the highest consumable life, you want your nozzle at a fixed height relative to the plate. Therefore our in-house developed TrueVolt Technology instantly measures the arc voltage and corrects based on the real-time consumable wear, keeping that distance intact. When you can only use predefined values you will notice that the head slowly moves towards the plate to keep meeting that value. A short distance can quickly lead to collision and even faster wear of consumables. With TrueVolt we ensure that consumable wear does not affect the cutting process, giving you optimal cutting results and extended use of your consumables.

Limit your risks

Those experienced in oxy-fuel cutting know that slag can be blown around the machine when piercing material. To minimize the risk of fire and avoid unwanted downtime, all cables are fully covered and therefore protected. Even the gas boxes are safely stored behind a metal casing to minimize the risk of damage and to guarantee safety for operators.

Increase up-time with less manual cleaning

The machine comes standard with a 200L bin below the filter unit to reduce the number of times the bin has to be emptied manually. Because during manual emptying, the machine has to deal with forced downtime. Where a smaller ton means a machine downtime of 10-15 minutes per day, with a larger 200L ton you will be able to increase your up-time up to 50 hours per year.

WEBINAR / Voortman & Hypertherm


Finding that sweet spot for changing consumables is key, isn't it? In our webinar with Hypertherm, we discussed various topics related to improving plasma consumable management. Our experts shared actionable insights and clever strategies that you can immediately apply to your daily operations. Get ready to take your plasma consumable management to the next level with our webinar recording!



You are in full control

This machine enables you to support and streamline manual operations as well as possible. You will experience the shortest possible downtime with little or no influences on the cutting process and product quality. Our customer service experts are at your disposal 24 hours a day and we also offer many options to prevent possible downtime. Because all our gantry moving plate cutting machines use the same X-rails, it allows you to combine or run different processes simultaneously. There will always be a match with your desired capacity.

Reduced cut-to-cut time

Voortman's Instant Cut Technology enables you to reduce cut-to-cut time by greatly reducing the amount of initial height sensing. At the same time plasma pre-gas is already initiated during movement and retraction height of the torch is kept to a minimum. This combination of features ensures a strong increase in production speed. The difference is considerable, especially with small products and holes.

Available when needed

We are able to resolve 90% of all machine issues remotely. Today everything is interconnected and we can monitor the VACAM software or view your machine together with you through an external camera. With full 24-hour support coverage, a specialist is guaranteed to be available when needed.

Always near you

Three strategically located warehouses (east-central-west) are available to provide you with quick and efficient part delivery. Let our experts advise you which parts or consumables are most suitable for your processes and machines. With team members from the US, Germany, France, Russia and the Netherlands we believe that language is not a barrier. State-of-the art warehouses are filled with high quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, for you to get the most out of your machine.

Up to your capacity

With the modular construction of both the machine and the cutting table you are assured of maximum output. Extend your X-rail and balance your plate processing between 2 gantries. All Voortman plate processing machines share the same rails and add flexibility to your main processes with drilling or cutting features. A 50-meter cutting bed provides you with 4 different sections where you can process and unload/load plates at the same time. This length also acts as buffer for your most common thicknesses where manual loading and unloading is minimized. A double gantry with four processing sections including all Voortman plate cutting features is the ultimate way to achieve the highest possible capacity and quality.

Take control of your downtime

Unexpected downtime is never convenient. Minimize or predict downtime with a preventive maintenance agreement. Voortman offers a variety of different Service Label Agreements (SLA’s) to meet the individual needs of each customer. The labels differ in the amount of offer different service labels. The labels differ in the amount of maintenance inspections, response time, training and parts and consumable discounts. The Red Label is the most comprehensive and best value for maintaining consistent production and finished part quality, making it the most popular Service Label Agreement. Find out which label suits you best.

Transparent and cost-saving inventory

Voortman Red Tooling provides you with a quick and clear overview of the use and inventory of your consumables, which results in major savings on inventory management. It is a central place to store all consumables where your operators no longer have to search or even miss out on a new tool which increases your production uptime and product quality. An automatic ordering system guarantees continuous production with the right tools and stock. All incoming and outgoing data is displayed in a clear dashboard. By conducting analyses at your leisure, you can discover patterns and anticipate them.

Fastest height control

Meet the fastest height control in the market. In order to properly correct for plate height deviations, the torch will touch and measure the plate for each new cut. Depending on the desired quality, this can be reduced or increased. It is unavoidable that cutting high-quality holes leads to a relatively large number of plate measurements on a daily basis. Measurements on a small product with four holes even indicate that more than 30% of the process time was taken up with movements. Our fastest height measurement then provides you with maximum achievable production time possible.

Advantages of magnetic mounting

Because both the plasma and the oxy-fuel torches use the same mounting, they also share all the benefits that come from the built-in technologies. Such as, for example, the fast height control and True Volt. This is a magnetic mounting with only 2 perfectly attuned drives, independent of any form of tolerances with no calibration required. In addition to these advantages, the magnetic mounting also influences the speed in the production process. When collision occurs your operator is able to remount the torch with a magnetic system to get the machine up and running in no time. And with the same ease, you can quickly switch between different cutting thicknesses by simply exchanging the torches.


Voortman V303 and V304
  Voortman V303 Voortman V304
Working width feet 6 - 10* 6-16*
Working length feet 13 - 100* 13 - 100*
Cutting speed f/min 0 - 23 0 - 23
Rapid traverse speed f/min 65 65
Max. cutting thickness inch 1/8 - 8 1/8 - 8
Max. number of plasma (bevel) torches 2 2
Max. number of oxy-fuel units 2 6
* Wider width and longer lengths available on request


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