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Introducing the Voortman V623, a high-performance drilling, milling, and sawing machine designed for unmanned operation. Compact and user-friendly, it features robust construction and three powerful drilling spindles. Designed to handle a wide range of profiles, the V623 ensures efficient output with optimal sequencing.

The innovative gripper truck allows automatic loading of nearly any profile, enhancing speed and efficiency without operator intervention. Equipped with advanced VACAM control software, the V623 provides full visibility of all buffers, ensuring seamless process management. With the Voortman V623, you elevate your production capabilities to new heights.




Meet the Voortman V623, your new best friend in drilling, milling, and sawing. This machine is designed to work tirelessly, even when you’re not around, thanks to its ability to operate unmanned for long periods. Despite its compact size, it’s incredibly user-friendly and built to last, with three powerful drilling spindles that deliver top-notch performance and quality.
The V623 can handle almost any profile up to 300 x 300 mm (11-13/16" x 11-13/16"), producing them in a logical sequence for optimal efficiency. Plus, safety is a top priority, so you can trust that it’s designed to keep everything running smoothly and securely.

And let’s not forget about the VACAM control software. This powerful tool helps operators work even more efficiently, providing full visibility of all buffers on the infeed, outfeed, and short product removal. With the Voortman V623, you’re not just getting a machine – you’re getting a reliable partner that takes your production process to the next level.


The V623 system enhances drilling efficiency with its central storage for 42 tools, allowing seamless and automatic tool switching. Operators can easily add and swap tools without stopping the machine, thanks to an automated tool handler and accessible housing. This setup ensures precise tool measurements and high accuracy for the drilling spindles.

The unique V623 gripper truck, with its chain-driven gripper jaw, handles profiles of any size or shape quickly and safely at speeds up to 60 m/min, applying just the right pressure via a hydraulic cylinder. An intelligent sensor identifies materials swiftly, ensuring efficient feeding of various lengths. Additionally, the robust chain mechanism safely transports profiles up to 12 tons, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted production and extended unmanned operation.

Work smarter, not harder!

It comes with a central storage that can hold up to 42 tools, making it easy for the three drilling units to switch tools smoothly and work effectively. You can effortlessly add new tools. The central tool storage, along with a pneumatic 'tool handler', lets you run production without constant oversight. It simplifies moving tools from storage to the drilling spindle's tool changer and allows tools to be easily transferred between changers for automatic switching between drilling units. This boosts the system efficiency for longer periods of unmanned production.

Always high grip and suitable for every profile

The unique newly designed V623 gripper truck is your go-to for quick, safe, and flexible handling. It's a real pro at handling profiles, zipping through tasks at speeds up to 60 m/min! With its chain-driven gripper jaw, it grabs onto any profile, no matter the size or shape, from the outside. And don't worry about your delicate profiles; a hydraulic cylinder applies just the right pressure for secure handling. Additionally, it features an intelligent sensor capable of swiftly identifying materials, ensuring the efficient feeding of items of various lengths at the highest possible speed.

Manual tool changes on-the-fly

Operators can switch out tools on the fly without having to stop the machine, thanks to the handy housing and access doors. Once you've swapped the tool and shut the hatch, the tool handler jumps in, automatically measuring and tucking the new tool away in central storage. This setup doesn't just make things faster; it also records the tool's length in the machine. That means the drilling spindles can zip towards the material at top speed, hitting the mark with incredible accuracy.

Our 12-Ton Chain Mechanism for Smooth Operations

We use a chain mechanism to guide profiles to the roller conveyors. The chain moves steadily towards the gripper, making sure smaller profiles transport safely without tipping. This approach reduces time between products, making things run smoother. Simply place them onto the chain mechanism - it has a capacity of up to 12 tons! These durable chains are resilient to shocks, dirt, dust, temperature variations, and even humid conditions, ensuring an extended lifespan. At the end of the chain mechanism, pneumatic drag-dogs are employed to ensure accurate positioning of the profiles for processing on the roller conveyors.

Efficient Tool Transfer

The V623 makes it easy to transfer tools directly between drilling units, so you don't have to worry about storing everything centrally at the start. Each drilling unit has two positions for tools, making it efficient to store and access them. Plus, we ensure precise tool length by measuring at the central storage, which helps streamline processes and increase productivity.


The V623 machine enhances profile machining with three drilling units for simultaneous flange and web processing, significantly speeding up operations. Ideal for HSS and carbide tools, it excels in drilling, milling, tapping, and marking. The versatile SK40 units handle holes and milling with precision, supporting tool diameters from 10 to 25 mm (3/8 to 1 inch) and ensuring stability with a robust frame and vibration-eliminating clamp system.

Automated layout marking reduces errors and boosts efficiency, while a separate unit ensures precise underside marking. Hydraulic clamps and pneumatic height measurement maintain stability and accuracy, making the V623 perfect for smooth, precise, and efficient machining.

Flexible machining capabilities

Employing three drilling units allows for the simultaneous processing of both the flanges and the web of a profile, significantly expediting the entire process. These units are ideal for HSS and carbide drills, milling, thread tapping, countersinking, center point marking, and optional layout marking. The V623 is highly versatile due to its flexible machining capabilities. Whether holes, threaded holes, or milling operations are required, the SK40 drilling units perform efficiently with ease. Additionally, for both drilling and milling, they are compatible with carbide and HSS tools.

Unparalleled stability with milling

Voortman beam milling machines offer unparalleled stability, resulting in smooth, high-quality finishes. Designed for consistent excellence, every drilled or tapped hole and milling operation is flawless. The robust V623 machine frame and advanced drilling units handle tool diameters from 10 to 25mm, with automatic milling for larger holes. Our clamping system eliminates vibrations, ensuring precise machining and extended tool life. Enjoy seamless production with minimal maintenance.

Exceptional accuracy for all lines and contours

Eliminate the hassle of manual layout marking with our V623. It automates the marking process, reducing errors and boosting efficiency. Using milling, it creates high-quality marks that stay visible even after shot blasting, painting, or galvanizing. Adjustable milling depth with the Voortman tool ensures perfect results. A separate integrated unit provides precise underside marking with the same high-quality tool. Servo spindles ensure exceptional accuracy, positioning the marking unit perfectly for all lines and contours.

Eliminating vibrations with hydraulic clamping

Keep your operations smooth and precise with our hydraulic material clamp, which holds profiles securely in place. By eliminating vibrations, our system ensures precise machining and extends tool life. Stable milling is guaranteed with well-supported material clamping. Additionally, our pneumatic height measurement automatically compensates for deviations, ensuring accurate and up-to-date profile dimensions every time you start a process.


No knowledge required with automatic milling paths

You can create any contour with the push of a button, without limitations or additional knowledge required. Our VACAM Software allows your detailers to do what they do best - constructing - whereafter VACAM does the rest!

  • No expertise needed
  • No programming needed
  • Not dependent on operators

Having explored the benefits of the milling process, you may be wondering what's next. Are you able to work with this? Of course! Unlike other companies, we make it very simple for you.


As you are used to; construct with your detailing software.


VACAM automatically recognizes the shape of a contour, ensuring that it conforms to the position and material of the part to ensure manufacturability.


Our milling module automatically defines the best tools and parameters, which results in the most efficient milling path. Voortman Research and Development has conducted extensive testing to arrive at the right mix of templates for each contour, each type of profile. A unique combination of mechanical engineering and steel construction expertise.


Push a button and get what you want. It has never been this easy.

One-pass milling
divided into two milling packages

Package 1 | inner contours

This milling package enables the machine to process inner contours.
The following features are supported:

  • Slotted, round and square holes without stitches
  • Large round holes or square holes with stitches

You can choose between roughing or contouring, both with their own set of advantages.
Using stitches (small tabs) makes it possible to produce features faster. You do not need to mill the entire contour. Grinding away only the stitches saves considerable time and wear on your tools, while preventing large pieces from flying around that could cause damage to your machine or worse, your operator.

Package 2 | outer contours

This milling package enables the machine to process outer contours.
The following features are supported:

  • Block-out halfway a flange
  • Partial flange removal
  • Complete flange removal (without web)
  • Flange and web removal (block-out)
  • Knife cut (slotted hole at the start/end of a tube)

VACAM will always ensure that the outside edges of the profile remain intact while milling outer contours, allowing it to be transported to other machines for further processing.


Our advanced saw is designed to revolutionize your workflow. Featuring a versatile mitre angle range from -60° to +45° and the outfeed gripper enabling double mitering, this saw expands your project possibilities. The outfeed gripper securely clamps material during sawing, ensuring stability and accuracy with every cut. Cables and hoses are conveniently placed above the saw for easy access and effortless cleaning. The smaller 41 x 1.3 mm (1 5/8 x 1/20 inches) saw blade achieves speeds of up to 10 mm/sec (0.4 inch/sec), delivering exceptional speed and power for even the most demanding tasks.

No saw cuts in the table

The V623 is designed without a saw table. This innovation means no saw cuts in the table, drastically reducing operating costs and extending the lifespan of your saw blade. Plus, you'll never need to replace a saw table again. The V623's outfeed gripper, saw clamping, and infeed gripper work together to ensure unparalleled stability and automation during the sawing process, making your cutting operations smooth and efficient.

Automatic Double Mitre Cutting: Front and Back Sides

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with fully automatic double mitre cutting on both the front and back of a profile. Our advanced saw effortlessly achieves mitre angles from -60° to +45°, expanding your project possibilities. The outfeed gripper enables double mitering, allowing for versatile and complex cuts. The base is hydraulically clamped to prevent movement, while the outfeed gripper's hydraulic clamping ensures a firm hold on the material. This design not only facilitates easy transport of smaller products but also guarantees precise cuts, making the process seamless and highly efficient.


A ball screw and servo motor work in harmony to provide exact feed control, while two pressure sensors on the saw blade monitor real-time sawing pressure. By comparing actual pressure with ideal levels, the system automatically adjusts the feed rate, ensuring the saw always cuts at maximum speed. This smart adjustment depends on blade wear and requires no operator intervention, guaranteeing optimal cutting performance and extended blade durability.


Our ball-bearing rollers provide perfect guidance and smooth alignment of the saw blade, reducing friction to a minimum. Coupled with a mechanical steel chip brush that efficiently removes chips from the blade, our system ensures every cut is executed with the highest accuracy. This not only enhances cutting precision but also extends the lifespan of the saw blade, making your operations smoother and more efficient.


Our outfeed system revolutionizes your production workflow by seamlessly transporting products across various zones and boosting productivity. With an intelligent sensor ensuring precise product positioning and a pneumatic drag-dog system gently guiding items along customizable cross transports, efficiency is at its peak.

The V623 automatic discharge system efficiently handles clean cuts, offcuts, and short products, eliminating manual clean-up and managing saw chips to keep your work area tidy. Capable of accommodating double miter products up to 500 mm (20 inches), our robust conveyor belt swiftly removes offcuts, enhancing operational speed. The product division system further extends unmanned production periods, managing workflows with a 2700 mm (106.3 inches) wide output and a 2600 kg (5732 lbs) capacity, all while maintaining a noiseless environment.

Discharge of clean cuts

The V623 is equipped with an automatic discharge system that manages clean cuts, offcuts, and short products efficiently. Positioned below the saw is a robust conveyor belt that activates promptly after each cut. Clean cuts and off-cuts up to 20 mm in length effortlessly slide onto the conveyor belt for swift removal from the work area. With this system in place, manual clean-up is unnecessary. We also get rid of saw chips to save you time and keep your work area neat. Furthermore, this outfeed accommodates the outfeed of (double) miter products up to 500 mm in length.

Short product removal

Prolong your unmanned production periods significantly with our innovative product division system. This system includes two 600mm sections that efficiently manage the workflow. A sensor, strategically placed at the end of the table, promptly notifies the operator when the section is full, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted operations. This output showcases notable dimensions of 2700 mm width and a sturdy capacity of 2600 kg, while maintaining a noiseless operation.

Conveying products in different zones

Our outfeed system seamlessly transports products across various zones, optimizing your production workflow and boosting productivity. The roller conveyor guarantees precise product positioning, thanks to an intelligent sensor that accurately detects and places items. In case of unexpected issues, the end stop at the conveyor's terminus can intervene to halt operations. Once everything is aligned, the pneumatic drag-dogs equipped with noise-dampening strips take charge, gently guiding products along the cross transports. You can customize the cross transports to fit your needs, creating multiple outfeed zones. Plus, the system always finds the best outfeed sequence, making the most of space and streamlining operations.


Operators can now focus on their work instead of wasting time on cleanup and maintenance, thanks to the V623 machine's innovative features. Internally cooled drills minimize residue, extend tool life, and reduce cleaning time by deploying a mist of oil and compressed air, while a chip conveyor efficiently removes drilling and milling debris. The saw section's overhead cable and hose design enhances safety and reduces maintenance costs.

Loading materials is smooth and efficient, with pneumatic drag-dogs and silencers ensuring precise and quiet operations. Advanced dual light curtains and an automatic hatch for tool changes ensure safety and minimal downtime. The 24-inch multi-touch control panel, combined with intuitive VACAM software and network connectivity, streamlines workflow. Additionally, Hakorit sound-damping strips on pneumatic drag-dogs enhance the handling of steel profiles, creating a quieter and more efficient workplace.

A way better work environment

Operators can now put their energy into their work instead of wasting time on cleanup and maintenance, creating a way better work environment. Internally cooled drills deploy a mist of oil and compressed air, minimizing residue and ensuring a clean product post-drilling. This means way less cleaning time and tools that last longer. Plus, using compressed air to shoot away chips means no more manual cleanup. The chip conveyor facilitates the efficient removal of chips produced during drilling and milling processes.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

The V623's saw section stands out with its innovative design – it's totally free of any cables and hoses in the work area. Instead, everything's neatly run overhead, which means you'll spend less on maintenance, face fewer breakdowns, and have a safer place to work. This smart design doesn't just enhance your workspace; it also cuts down on cleaning time. Thanks to an automatic chip removal feature, as the saw works, the chips are transported away onto a conveyor belt below, keeping the sawing area clean and minimizing any interruptions.

Loading is simple and efficient

For operators, loading is simple and efficient: materials are loaded in sequence at the chain's end. Integrated pneumatic drag-dogs and silencer sections make the operation smooth and quiet, eliminating collision risks with guides. The drag-dogs gently push materials to the roller conveyor until they're 15mm from the mechanical cam, designed to retract and avoid loading interference. Once the profile is on the conveyor, drag-dogs and silencers retract, clearing the workspace. There's no need for a datum line; the gripper is the reference, with sensors ensuring correct loading. This setup streamlines the loading process, enhancing precision and safety.

Ensuring safety

Ensuring safety on your shop floor is of utmost importance. The V623 is outfitted with advanced dual light curtains across the entire zone to facilitate efficient production while minimizing machine downtime. Upon interruption of the first light curtain, the machine's cross transports will halt, yet the internal processes will carry on safely. Should the second light curtain be interrupted, the entire machine will cease operation. For manual tool changes, an automatic hatch on the door enables access without halting the process, ensuring seamless operation.

Simplify your operations

Our 24-inch multi-touch control panel simplifies your operations with an intuitive interface and hardware buttons for roller conveyors and cross transports. The VACAM software's 'problem solver' aids in file imports, and a network connection allows for easy file transfers from your server or USB, streamlining your workflow perfectly.

Quieter and improved workplace

The implementation of pneumatic drag-dogs, outfitted with Hakorit sound-damping strips, markedly enhances the handling of steel profiles. These essential elements for infeed and outfeed transports play a vital role in diminishing noise during loading and unloading processes, thereby contributing to quieter and improved workplace environments.


DSTV and DSTV+ (nesting) import and produce parts and nestings without any programming. VACAM also supports manual creation of optimal nestings based on single DSTV files and can even export these as DSTV+ macros to make the creation or editing from parts in VACAM and on the machine a lot easier.


Once an operator learns to use VACAM on one machine, they can effortlessly operate any other Voortman machine. All Voortman machines feature the same user-friendly VACAM software, ensuring consistent system component behavior across the board. This uniformity allows operators to switch between machines with ease, without having to relearn command locations or control screen settings after the initial VACAM training. The visual interface and user experience are standardized across all Voortman machines, providing a familiar and intuitive environment for operators.

Meet EVI

EVI is your go-to digital assistant for machine monitoring and insights. Whether the machine is on, off, running, or idle, EVI keeps you informed. With seamless connectivity, EVI ensures you're always in the loop through the EVI app on your mobile phone, tablet, or the EVI webpage on your laptop.

EVI's instant notifications alert you if the machine stops or isn't running correctly, making it as convenient as instant messaging. By closely monitoring the machine, EVI aims to:

  • Increase output
  • Prevent downtime
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Free operators from constant supervision

EVI is your reliable software solution for optimizing machine performance.

Specifications Voortman V623

The Voortman V623
  Voortman V623 | Drill Voortman V623 | Saw
Operating range inch 7/32 – 12 - 1-1/2 – 12 -
Material weight lbs. 4,000 -
Linear material weight lbs./ft 67 -
Machining and positioning Servo motors - -
Spindles 3 -
Positioning speed X ft/min 197 -
Rotational speed rpm 0 – 5,600 -
Tool changer Tools for all three units 42 -
Tool holder SK40 -
Drilling diameter inch 13/64 – 1 37/64 -
Thread tapping M6 – M30 -
Drilling machine weight lbs. 13,500 -
Operating range 0° inch - 12 x 12
Operating range 15° inch - 12 x 12
Operating range 30° inch - 12 x 12
Operating range 45° inch - 12 x 12
Operating range -60° inch - 12 x 10
Feed approach speed inch/sec - 0.40
Saw band drive HP - 5.5
Saw band speed, stepless ft/min - 130 – 440
Saw band size inch - 050 band saw blade
Saw band inclination -
Sawing machine weight lbs. - 5,100