Testimonial Emotec

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  • Puurs, Belgium
  • Steel fabrication
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“This plate machine is the solution for producing our products in “one flow” without extra handling, which saves us a lot of time.”

Emotec - Steel fabrication

Emotec, part of the Belgian Emergo Group, needed to invest in a new plate processing machine as their production extended and market demands changed. The business activities are in the field of complex steel constructions, bridge and crane building, expansion joints, jacking technique, bridge bearings and mass & viscous dampers.

Plate processing investment - versatile & high quality

Emotec decided to invest in the Voortman V320 plate cutting and drilling system. Paul De Neef Managing Director of Emotec: "Our current production level increased because of new orders with complex products, so we had to look for a new processing machine to process our steel plates. We started our search for the perfect machine supplier on the internet. Soon we landed on the Voortman website and had a look at the different processing machines they offer. The V320 plate processing machine attracted our attention because of the combined drilling, marking and cutting functionality. Because we often process large plates for complex assignments we needed a versatile and high quality machine with a large operating range. Therefore this machine is perfect for us."

Plate thicknesses, CE and safety

"Cutting plates with plasma and oxy-fuel technology offers us the possibility to process a large variety of plates. As said, production increased and therefore our orders also vary in quantity and thicknesses. With this machine we are ready to meet the requirements of producing high quality end products and to increase the efficiency in our workshop. Because CE and safety is very important within our company, we are also capable of meeting the current standards and norms that apply in the business we are active in."

The V320

The V320 is specially designed for drilling, marking and cutting plates. It is fitted with a drilling unit and a ten-fold automatic tool changer. Holes of various diameters can be drilled in a very short period of time, without manual intervention. A marking tool can be placed in the tool changer for layout marking. Both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting systems are standard provided on the machine. A HyDefinition plasma torch is standard, and makes the best plasma cuts possible with no or minimal dross. Fumes and dust generated during the production process are extracted by a fume extraction unit. Positioning of the steel plate is done by two feeder trucks, which are servo driven and therefore extremely accurate.

Why Voortman?

Paul De Neef: “In Voortman we found the perfect supplier not only for our machinery but also for their (after sales) services. The engineers on site did a great job during installation and commissioning and if there are any questions from our machine operator the service engineers act fast and smooth. Our decision for the Voortman V320 was made on the basis of several points. First of all the price/ quality relation was very good. Voortman offers sustainable, reliable and robust machines. When we visited the Voortman premises we saw the machine in action. This machine is the solution for producing our products in “one flow” without extra handling, which saves us a lot of time. Next to that the operator convenience of this machine is very high because VACAM is an easy to use software. Secondly as said above, the Voortman Services are excellent. They think along with us in every choice we make and this gives us confidence."

Ready to meet market requirements

“In the future we will be dealing with tough competition in the steel construction market. Though, the market asks for high quality products and sustainable building methods. With the investment in the V320 we are ready to meet these requirements by producing high quality end products”, so Paul De Neef.