Steeltec Expands Steel Structures Range

Delivering exceptional fabrication quality and cutting precision

Testimonial STEELTEC d.o.o.

  • Location:
  • Founded:
  • Industry:
  • Serbia
  • 2009
  • Steel fabrication/distribution
STEELTEC D.O.O. | Serbia

Steeltec is one of Serbia’s leading industrial companies and has become successful with the production of cold-formed profiles made of galvanized steel sheet and plate.

Excellence in cold-formed profile fabrication

Steeltec, a leading industrial company in Serbia, has achieved remarkable success by producing cold-formed profiles made of galvanized steel sheet and plate. The Serbian industrial powerhouse was founded in 2009 with a primary focus on importing and trading steel sheets. After which the company quickly gained momentum and reached an impressive annual volume of 8000 tons. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Steeltec has become a trusted name in the industry.

Expanding its range of Steel Structures with the MO Compact

In order to further enhance their range of steel structures, Steeltec has invested in our state-of-the-art 3D profiling machine. The MO Compact is specifically designed for machining tubes used in metal structures like industrial roofs, sports halls, and shopping malls. The decision to purchase the MO Compact was driven by Steeltec's strong motivation to deliver exceptional fabrication quality and cutting precision. By acquiring the MO Compact, Steeltec can continue to meet the diverse needs of their customers and reinforce their position as a leading player in the steel industry.

Unparalleled Precision and fabrication quality

Equipped with a 6-axis system, the MO Compact enables Steeltec to cut tubes with a diameter of up to 914mm (36'') with utmost precision, using oxy-fuel and plasma techniques. This cutting-edge technology ensures that Steeltec's steel structures are not only architecturally attractive but also of the highest quality, meeting the stringent standards set by the industry.

Streamlining welding with the air scriber marking system

Steeltec has said goodbye to laborious and time-consuming manual marking with the air scriber marking system. This high-efficiency solution ensures precise identification markings on parts, enabling a seamless welding process. Not only has the air scriber marking system increased the quality of marking, but it has also boosted steeltec’s productivity by saving their workers valuable time, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks in the production process.