By adding or combining processes & increasing flexibility

Transform your business into a trusted one-stop-shop for your clients by adding more production processes on a single-station. Voortman supports your business growth through emphasis on value-added processing, enhanced flexibility and efficiency, and decreased manual and logistical operations in your workshop.

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Single-Station Multi-Processing

Rely on Voortman’s plate processing machines that can carry out multiple processes on one machine, providing flexibility and high-quality parts. The Voortman V310 can bevel cut, drill, mill, mark, thread-tap and countersink, all with the push of a button. So, create your bevels, followed by drilling and milling operations, all at the same machine. This streamlines production, boosts flexibility, and reduces routing and intermediate stock, resulting in faster lead times for various finished parts.

Plate cutting machines such as the Voortman V303 and V304 also offer a high degree of flexibility in your workflow with plasma, multi-oxy-fuel, bevel cutting and marking options.

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Next level drilling

(Multi) Oxy-fuel cutting

Easy bevel cutting

Milling without limits

Hybrid Milling

Optimized tapping

Effortlessly small tapping

Choose your marking tool

Unlock the potential of unmanned, automated running with this processing arsenal

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Benefit from a long double-gantry system

Experience the advantages of a large double-gantry flatbed machine. Equipped with a spacious cutting bed with multiple sections and overlapping work areas, it enables you to load, unload, and process multiple plates at the same time, ensuring a smooth workflow and uninterrupted production.

Maximize your productivity by processing different materials and thicknesses simultaneously. Take advantage of the ability to process a variety of materials and thicknesses simultaneously. The front of the table can accommodate a 250mm plate that can be cut using the Voortman V304 with its 4 oxy-fuel torches, while the V310 can mill and drill a 20mm plate at the back of the table. This setup offers unparalleled flexibility and enhances logistics efficiency. See it in action in this video.

plate machines

Voortman V310 The ultimate, most complete cutting and drilling flexible plate processing machine

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Voortman V303 and V304 Flexible cutting & marking plate processing machines

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Voortman V325 Pass-through plate processing with automated unloading for small part production

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