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Instant Cut Technology: 100% increased productivity, save time and costs

Instant cut technology - reduced cut-to-cut cycles

Voortman’s Instant Cut Technology was developed to reduce your cut-to-cut cycle times. This technique ensures optimized movement each time your plate is handled, allowing your production capabilities to double. Especially when you produce many small products with holes, 100% increased productivity is easily attainable with the powerful motion control and speed of the several plate cutting machines. Machines which are equipped with the Instant Cut Technology are the V304, V310, V320 and the V325. Because Instant Cut Technology is built into our in-house developed VACAM software, it remains productive by letting the VACAM software create the optimal production mix between speed and quality.

Hear it from
our customers

Egger Pumps - Gregory Dind - Switzerland

“Now with the Voortman machine, all processes are performed with the same machine. We have reduced production times on the milling machines, a better cut quality and less work cleaning the parts for internal post processing.”
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Gubi Smedeteknik - Søren Gubi - Denmark

“We came to the Experience Center and by that moment I was sold.”
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Caterpillar Work Tools B.V. - Harold van Tooren - Netherlands

“With our new Voortman V304 plate cutting machine we are now able to automate bevelling which we used to do manually; this will save us more than 50% processing time.”
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SCW Contracting Corp - Andy & Steve Scrape - United States

"These two pieces of equipment work seamlessly together. They produce at incredible rates. To have one without the other just wouldn't really make sense."
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