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Reducing tolerances by minimizing vibrations

Minimizing vibrations and deformations is crucial

To minimize tolerances and improve your production quality, vibrations and deformations during movements should be kept to a minimum because these directly influence the quality of your products. Therefore, the robustness of the machine and accuracy of measurements is important. A robust machine can be achieved with rigid, welded frames and gantries, making your tolerances on measurements smaller. The more rigid the machine, the less vibrations and deformations occur during movement of the drilling, milling or cutting unit.

Stiffened and rigid frames

All the beam and plate processing machines of Voortman are therefore equipped with stiffened and rigid frames to minimize these vibrations and deformations during movement. For instance with vibrations, these should be kept to a minimum because these directly influence the roughness of your processed surface, which can be the surface of a drilled hole, a milled contour or a contour that is cut with plasma or oxy-fuel. In short, reducing vibrations therefore directly improves the quality of your products. Minimizing deformations of the machine frame during movement leads to more accurate positioning of the tip of the tool, which can be the drill tool, mill tool, plasma tool or oxy-fuel tool.

From the very beginning of designing and engineering the Voortman machines, our engineering department uses thorough mathematical analysis such as the FEM (Final Elements Method) to design the most robust frames and gantries.

Rigid and precise gearboxes for accurate processing

Not only deformations of the main frame increase tolerances of your processed part. Tolerances can also be caused by play and deformations in the gearboxes of the machine. The more rigid and precise the gearbox, the more accurate the positioning of the machine, which leads to more accurate processing of your products. The selection of highest quality gearboxes with a high stiffness and low play ratio is therefore essential. Our engineering department has carefully selected high quality gearboxes which are equipped on all Voortman machines. The same counts for the transmissions. Every plate processing machine is equipped with helical rack and pinion transmissions and/or ball screw transmissions to ensure that the play in the transmission itself is minimized. This leads to the final fact that every change in motion in the drive immediately results in a change in motion at the tool tip, which is where the magic happens.

High quality components for reliable processing

In addition, Voortman uses premium high-quality components in all the machines, relying on the quality of well-known and established brands such as Hypertherm, Kjellberg, Panasonic, Donaldson , Siemens etcetera. These high-quality components within the machines result in minimized tolerances and accurate processing of your products, with minimum machine downtime. These components also contribute to a robust, reliable and durable machine, which eventually results in a high residual value of the machine after many years of service in your workshop.