1. Voortman introduces the V200 plate drilling machine.
  2. Voortman introduces the V3000 stock system.
  3. Introduction of the V2000 beam cambering machine.
  4. Voortman introduces the VB750 and VB1050 sawing systems.
  5. Introduction of the V600 drilling system.
  6. Voortman introduces the VB1250 sawing system.
  7. In this year Voortman introduces the V505 punching and shearing system.
  8. Voortman delivers the first fully automatic drilling, sawing and shot blasting line.
  9. Voortman introduces the complete line of the V613 and V630 drilling systems.
  10. Voortman introduces a complete new range of roller conveyor shot blasting systems.
  11. The software department of Voortman introduces an improved version of the VACAM software that increases the production process and machine efficiency levels.
  12. Voortman introduces an improved punching and shearing system.
  13. Voortman introduces a new prefabrication painting line.
  14. Voortman introduces the Lean Manufacturing production method for all the CNC controlled processing systems.
  15. Voortman introduces the V320 and V330 plate processing systems.
  16. Voortman introduces the V808 beam coping system.
  17. The VB range of sawing system are all equipped with a servo controlled spindle drive for fully controlled completion of the sawing cycle.
  18. The punching and shearing system V505-160M has been redesigned.
  19. Voortman introduces the new punching and shearing system V505-200M.
  20. Voortman replaces the control of the drilling system V600 from DOS to her own VACAM software.
  21. The plate processing systems are equipped with Voortman’s in-house developed VA nesting module.
  22. Voortman introduces the V704 layout marking system. This system has 4 marking units to mark profiles on all sides.
  23. With the acquisition of the German ‘Maschinenfabrik Bach’ Voortman redesigns three types of plate processing systems with the latest technologies in plate cutting.
  24. Voortman improved the plasma bevel cutting possibilities on the plate processing systems.
  25. The safety requirements on all Voortman machines are extended and standard on all machines.
  26. Voortman introduces the new V550-6, flat and angle punching and shearing system.
  27. Voortman redeveloped the automatic painting systems with more efficient painting nozzles.
  28. Voortman developed a new numbering unit for the V505T flat and angle processing system.
  29. Voortman introduces a new line of plate processing systems, starting with the V304.
  30. Voortman completes the fully automatic welding system for automatic assembly of profiles and plates.
  31. Voortman opens the state-of-the-art Experience Center equipped with machine showroom and training facility.
  32. Voortman launches fastest angle punching & shearing machine available in the market today; the Voortman V505-160T.
  33. Voortman develops the fastest height control in the market, the Voortman Height Control (VHC), for its plate processing range.
  34. Release of the redesigned V808 robotic thermal cutting machine for even faster and more accurate processing.
  35. Voortman launches a new plate processing machine, the Voortman V302, to also give smaller workshops access to its renowned cutting technologies.
  36. Voortman introduces the V550-7 flat and angle processing machine.
  37. Voortman offers the new Hypertherm® XPR300™ plasma source on her plasma cutting range.

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