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Save time and costs with bridge cutting

Brigde cutting on plate drilling & cutting machines powered by SigmaNest

Did you know you can save up to 8 seconds of additional processing time per product by nesting bridge cuts and discharging each row at once?

When holes have been drilled and smart nestings powered by SigmaNEST nesting software have been cut out, the Voortman V320 and V325 can automatically discharge a row of nested products at once by use of an automatic product discharge table and the bridge cutting feature. The product discharge table allows the machine to work independently for a longer period of time without requiring part removal by an operator while bridge cutting optimizes the number of drop-door cycles required for a full nest. The whole combination, a Voortman plate processing machine powered by SigmaNEST, improves your workshop automation and your machine output!

Bridge cutting further has the benefit of creating a chain from product to product without turning off the plasma arc. This reduces the number of pierces required for cutting the nest. Reducing the number of pierces will result in lower consumable costs per part, increasing your profit margin!