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Creating ready parts with multi-processing plate solutions

A streamlined automated production process in which no intermediate stock is built up and every actions adds value to your end product is desirable. In order to create such a cost-efficient, flexible, automated and streamlined production process, you can lean on Voortman’s multi-processing plate machines. Read more about the possibilities and discover the differences between a non- vs. streamlined situation!

Preventing from stock, bottlenecks & downtime

When processes (milling, cutting, drilling, marking and creating weld preparations) are split across several work stations, intermediate stock arises and non-value-adding transport occurs between these work stations. Processes in a workshop are never perfectly balanced, which can lead to downtime of some work stations or machines. In addition, if you’re working with a diverse product mix, a continuous moving bottleneck occurs in your production process, again resulting in intermediate stocks. These stocks in turn contribute to a longer lead time for your product to be delivered. Therefore, a streamlined production process in which no intermediate stock is built up and every action adds value to your end product is desirable.

Multiple processes on one work station

In order to prevent from stock and bottlenecks and to create the most efficient, flexible and streamlined production process, the solutions Voortman offers are focused on providing multiple processes on one single work station. For instance, creating a weld preparation can be performed directly on the cutting machine (V303, V304) or drilling (V310, V320, V325) and milling (V325) can be performed on the same work station. In this way, a simplified production process can be realized, whereby your flexibility increases considerably, the transport and intermediate stocks decrease and ultimately the lead time of your product as well.

Egger pumps streamlined their production process

A typical example of a customer who experiences this flexibility and productivity after investing in a Voortman V310 is ‘Egger Pumps’ – an important player in the field of industrial liquid pumps.

Reduce dependency

Adding such a multi-processing machine to a current stand-alone machine in your workshop can also reduce your dependency on one machine for processing your product. The bottleneck process for processing your parts can now be performed on both the multi-processing and the stand-alone machine. In short, by adding Voortman machines on which multiple processes can be carried out, a well-balanced, streamlined and flexible production process can be achieved, in which your efficiency and capacity increase significantly.