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Increased productivity with double gantry processing - V310

Take a look at this double gantry V310 steel plate drilling & cutting line with a 30-meter (90-ft) table

This 30-meter cutting bed allows multiple plate thicknesses to be loaded onto the bed one after the other. This greatly improves machine up-time because a second plate can be processed at the same time the first plate is unloaded. Another advantage of this design is that work can be balanced between the two gantries. This means smaller nesting runs become more interesting and cutting doesn’t necessarily need to be performed far in advance, which is often the case with full plate nests. Plates do not need to be constantly unloaded and loaded when switching between different thicknesses and materials. This machine line combined with the Hypertherm XPR300 plasma source increases the productivity and accuracy of your plate parts. For more specific information on this configuration contact us!