Testimonial Dorçe

  • Location:
  • Core business:
  • Workshop space:
  • Founded:
  • Ankara, Turkey
  • Steel fabrication
  • 55.000 m2
  • 1982

“We must have the equipment which complies with the highest quality, accuracy and efficiency. We found that in the Voortman machines.”

Voortman equipment to increase production and quality

Dorçe Prefabricated Building & Construction Industry Trade INC. is a Turkish general contractor founded in 1982. Their vast worldwide experience which provides engineering, procurement and construction services for projects, requires high quality services in extreme environments. Dorce owns one of the largest prefabricated steel structures manufacturing facilities in the world. The manufacturing facility located in Ankara - Turkey, has a total workshop area of 55.000 m2.

Dorçe invested in the V200 plate drilling system to drill their pre-cut plates. One year later, they invested in Voortman machines again to increase their production speed and accuracy and to prevent man-made mistakes. This second investment consists of a V630 beam drilling machine and a VB1050 beam sawing machine.

Production Manager Mr. Erhan Akova explains: “To achieve Dorce’s criteria of success we must provide our customers with the highest quality of construction services, highest standards in health, safety and environment and of course completion of the project in time and budget. Therefore we must have the equipment which also complies with the highest quality, accuracy and efficiency. We found that in the Voortman machines. To have our profiles drilled and cut in a fast way we invested in the V630 drilling system with feeder rolls for measuring the material and the VB1050 sawing system set up in a close coupled position. In this way we expect to increase both efficiency and production capacity.”

Good remote and on-site service and support

Dorçe’s reasons to invest in Voortman again is the availability of a distributor in Turkey, good references of other companies with Voortman machines, but a very important reason is the good remote and on-site service support. Akova: “In case of questions Voortman provides an easy accessibility to their service and support team, which consists of skilled and qualified people. We get quick replies and never have to wait because of their good availability. Dorçe also considers its personnel as its most valued asset which brings success to the company, and therefore we think this is also a big value at Voortman!"


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