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  • 2013

“Although the price/quality ratio was decisive, we were impressed by the expertise and advice of Voortman regarding our ideal workshop.”

Sia Cut Centre - Steel Service Center

The SIA Cut Centre (subsidiary of Elme Metall) opened her doors in July 2013 as one of the biggest steel service centers in the Baltic area. The company processes 2.000 tons of steel each month, including cutting, drilling, bending and surface treatment of both profiles and plates, all from a single 10.000 m2 workshop.

Optimal Layout with highest possible output

SIA Cut Centre wanted to equip this 10.000 m2 workshop with modern machinery to achieve the highest possible output. With the help of Voortman the workshop was transformed from an empty hall to a full operative workshop within months. By centering the production process around a central roller conveyor and interconnecting the machinery via this conveyor and several cross transports, Voortman created a layout that provides optimal results. This is also called Multi System Integration or MSI. Products can be loaded onto the roller conveyor in every hall of the complex, and the system will automatically transport the products to the right machine, and start the right process.

The production process

A standard production process starts in the back-to-back shot blasting (VSB2500) and painting line (VP2500), optimized for maximal results. The saw drill line with the Voortman V630 drilling machine and the VB1050 sawing machine is another close coupled system SIA Cut Centre invested in. Finally, for the plate processing needs of the SIA Cut Centre, a Voortman V320 plate drilling and cutting machine was installed in the plant, which is capable of all kinds of processing steel, drilling, cutting and marking.

Aleksandr Kolesnikov: "Although the price/quality ratio was decisive, we were impressed by the expertise and advice of Voortman regarding our ideal workshop."

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SIA Cut Centre


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