This year Voortman Steel Machinery exhibits at the STOM in Kielce, Poland from April 10 to 12. Come visit us at stand 60 in Hall F! 


Increase productivity - save labor - reduce costs 

Today’s CNC steel processing machines have been developed with innovations that open the door to full automation. The market around you is changing. Demand is increasing for production efficiency and high-quality composite products. Voortman Steel Machinery knows how you, as a steel processor, can take on the challenges that come your way. Hundreds of customers worldwide have already benefitted from Voortman’s experience and continued development with over 45 years in the steel processing industry as both a steel fabricator and machine manufacturer.

Voortman in steel fabrication

Voortman creates a custom solution for every steel fabricator that fits their production philosophy. Whether it is a standalone machine such as the V600 drilling machine or a fully automated beam line by connecting machines with automated transport systems, also referred to as ‘Multi System Integration’, we will find something that fits your philosophy. Multi System Integration has a significant impact on your bottom line from automating most of the production process. With cooperation between the various hardware systems and Voortman’s VACAM CNC control software, a fully automated system can be created in which multiple machines communicate with each other. Even if your only need is a stand-alone machine, you can benefit from cost savings and improving production efficiency from upgrading to Voortman.

Afbeelding plate beams technishow

Voortman in manufacturing

For years Voortman’s plate processing machines have improved efficiency and lowered cost per part for businesses in the manufacturing industry. Recent additions to the plate processing line have added additional capabilities from continuously developing and improving new and existing machines. The Voortman V304 was a new plate machine developed as a result of accumulated knowledge and experience in 2014. In 2016 a more compact variant with the same cutting technologies launched, the Voortman V302. Based on market demand, the new and robust Voortman V310 was launched last year.

The V310 is a variant with the same cutting technologies featured in the V304 and V302, but with additional drilling capabilities for customers who need extra flexibility to meet the needs of their current and future customers. With a broad plate product range and hundreds of success stories across the world, Voortman has proven to be a leading machine producer in the manufacturing industry.

Let's talk at the STOM!

Let talk about your goals! We are happy to help both steel fabricators and manufacturers. Would you like to see how Voortman can help you optimize your production process and workflow? Come visit us at Stand 60 in Hall F at the STOM in Kielce from April 10 to 12! Together we can customize an optimal solution for improving your production process, achieving maximum output and manufacturing high quality products from start to finish. Come to the STOM!

STOM 2018
April 10-12, 2018
Targi Kielce Exhibition & congress centre
Zakładowa 1
25-672 Kielce, Poland
Stand 60, Hall F
Website STOM

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