Bonjour! Voortman opens a new office in France

We are pleased to announce that after being present in the Polish market for several years, Voortman Steel Machinery expands their market in Poland with the opening of Voortman Poland Sp. z.o.o. office.

Hereby, Voortman is able to be in direct contact with current and future Polish customers and respond to the growing needs for automated and innovative machinery caused by the lack of labor and rising labor costs. Voortman Poland provides commercial and technical support in new machinery investment projects and is ready to assist you in all your current and future projects in Poland. Maciej Gębuś takes the position of sales manager within the Voortman Poland office.


Maciej poland newspage

I am very happy that I can join the dynamic team of Voortman Steel Machinery based on my experience. I am an engineer by education and I graduated in the field of production management and metallurgy at the AGH University of Economics in Cracow. I started my professional career in the steel industry for many years with the steel structure supplies and assemblies at one of the leaders in the Polish market.”

"By joining the Voortman team and the new office in Poland, I am deeply convinced that through direct contact we facilitate access to the latest information about tomorrow's factories and improve customer service."

"I invite you for a personal meeting to talk about the modern solutions to improve the production process of your factory.”

Contact Maciej Gębuś

Contact Maciej Gębuś and plan a visit at the Voortman Experience Center

Feel free to contact Maciej Gębuś of Voortman Poland to make an appointment and find out what Voortman can do for your workshop to increase productivity, save man-hours and reduce costs.

It is also possible to visit the Voortman Experience Center in Rijssen, The Netherlands, where we guide you through our showroom and demonstrate machinery of your choice! Plan your visit by contacting Maciej Gębuś.



Voortman Poland Sp. z.o.o.
ul. Hrubieszowska 2 
01-209 Warszawa, Poland
+48 732 401 540

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